Rolling Stone: Kid Cudi – Hip Hop’s Sensitive Soul

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (on news stands now) they’ve done a profile feature on Cudi in which they preview the album, discuss his upbringing and how everything came to be for him from the mixtape to working with Kanye. It’s not available online yet so you will just have to read the scan. It’s a good read so make sure to check it out.


Click the image to enlarg or hit the enlarged versions below.

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  • matt

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more supportive and rooted for an artist as much as I have for Cudi. I suffer from slight social anxiety, and seeing him handle his anxiety the way he does brightens my day. I hope one day I can meet him and thank him for following through with his dreams and coming into all of our lives.

  • monie

    i’ve never been able to relate to lyrics of anyones songs like i have to his..its so inspirational and moving.truly art.

  • keo

    good read

  • Vicky

    I completely agrre with both of you monie and matt. I relate to this guy so much its ridiculous. This guy will continue to touch lives for years to come.

  • Yessir Thats Her

    thats exactly why we connect to cudi… may he always stay down to earth :-)

  • DeVonte

    this dude is really the truth im actally from cleveland myself and he is honestly the first cleveland artist i support and a die hard fan for. Cudi keep making your music its very inspirational real music for real i dont think i can get music any realer

  • Tony

    The article was cool.. But did anyone read his album review from Rolling Stone?

    A little harsh… Talking about how Cudi gets too emo, and that it gets annoying?!

    I got a little upset but whatever, its one person’s opinion. I love Cudi, gonna go out and support him tomorrow.

  • http://@crimaldiontwitter Jay

    I’ve never experienced the types of traumatic events Cudi has, but when listening to him, i feel like I have. Truly an artist. I’ll always be w/ him.

  • CUDDERman

    i’ve never connected with an artist like this before and i’ve been listening to hip hop for well over 8 years now. cudi writes songs about the things we are scared to speak about.

    keep doing what youre doing.


    i don’t like the fact that you seem to think Cudi got fans in the states and europe only. hell broski i’m ryt here in south africa, durban and i’ve been a fan since day 1. as soon as the album is available this side of the world i’ma get me a few copies to put my friends up on that Cudder shit as well. Cudi is bigger than America and Europe, he got mad luv in Africa as well baby. Thanx for the site though DP, it really kept me up to date during the cum up. much luv.
    By the way what happened to Cudi’s twitter page?? “Scott Mescudi is a legend in the making” mark my words.

  • noelle

    …………………he look cute!

  • LoneWolf

    Cudi is the man!

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  • chris

    fuck rolling stone..them pop loving faggots..they dont give a fuck aboout real music all they giva a shit about is how much money the fucking records will make ..i cant stand the mainstream glad cudi is not too mainstream lol

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