Why Did Kid Cudi Delete his Twitter?


Many of you, and I mean many, have asked me why his twitter page was deleted. Cudi took the time to explain to Rap-Up.com why he deleted it. Ultimately, this was about gaining more privacy and he felt twitter was the first step towards that. Please note, that all current twitter accounts claiming to be Kid Cudi are 100% FAKE. Keep reading for what he had to say.

Cudi’s desire for more privacy contributed to the dismantling of his Twitter account and blog. “I always have strange numbers calling my phone, and e-mails too,” he tells Rap-Up.com. “My last e-mail got hacked. However, I hate the fact that you can have on one device about eight different ways for someone to contact you. If you think about it, it’s kinda creepy.”

“I have an iPhone and I don’t even utilize all of the applications on it. Just alone on an iPhone you can have multiple e-mails—I have two e-mails—text messaging, some people have AIM on there, MySpace, Facebook—and I don’t even have those things.”

All the technology was getting too much for the “Day ‘N’ Nite” hitmaker. “With Twitter, my two e-mails, text messaging, and my phone ringing, that’s just overwhelming. And you gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were cell phones? Use a pay phone or write a letter. Or you catch ’em at the crib.”

The 25-year-old MC wants to go back to the old-school days when it was harder to reach people. “I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn’t be that easy for you to get in contact with me.”

–Reporting by Georgette Cline


You can still follow @DatNewCudi for all the Cudi news and also follow me, @DP16 if you wish.

Also his blog has not been deleted, rather his website is receiving and upgrade at the moment and they have taken it down to make the necessary changes.

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  • Kid_Stevie

    ofcourse i understand that he wants some privancy.. But somebody have to tell Mr. Cudi.. that he is famous now.. and that he has a fanbase..

    he must not forget he got fans who want to hear from him…

    Connect with Fans!! it is so important..
    and thats the part that was strong with Kid Cudi before his album dropt.. but now its gone…

    there are so many artist who forget they got fans who bought their album, who go to their shows.. who really want to hear from them…

  • Aldor

    Was wondering whats up with the website, kinda bad timing to update it now but oh well…

  • http://www.twitter.com/kia_who KiaWho?

    i admit, i was a lil’ down about that..but after those hard 2 minutes i accepted and moved on. seems like it’s not too much out of his nature to makes certain he maintains a true sense of privacy. i respect that.

    but he really had to explain this to folx? thought it was purty much common sense…could be just me tho. *shrug*

  • E.G

    there is no denying that cudi puts out amazing music. i just don’t know if he has the mental fortitude to make it in this industry. he already “retired” because of all the bullshit. now he deleted his twitter for privacy. i understand that, but there are tons of athletes, musicians, and actors far more popular than him who still use twitter.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Great news! I love his blog!

  • sunshine

    I love kid cudi,like i really do. When i found out he was off of twitter i was a bit disappointed and left confused like why?, whats going on? but after plain pat anounced it i was at peace like whew!!! as along as he’s okay. cause i thought somthing bad had happened. BUT i thought the connection with his fans were too good to be true;because he’s like the only celebrity who really connects with his fans like that, which i loved. And i respect his privacy and all but why is it that as soon as his album dropped he deleted his twitter. I mean i hate to think of it this way, but i hope he just wasnt using us {his fans} until the album dropped and now wanna leave us hanging.There must be some other way we can connect with him. i really believe in him but now im just confused. Im pretty sure other celebrities on twitter have the same problem but there not deleting anything!!!! :(

  • melissa


  • moniemescudi

    man i was lil sad when he deleted it..but then i remembered him sayin he would be deleting it at random anyway..i just wasnt expecting it to be right around when the album dropped..i wanted to hit him up and tell him how much i liked it,but oh well..maybe he’ll go back to blogging

  • joose

    yea i was bummed. specially being someone who supported him ever since A kid Named Cudi dropped last year. i always liked how he was so down to earth and liked to connect with the fans. now he’s just like another mainstream rapper to me….

  • blankety

    Yeah well I mean I can understand why he deleted his twitter. But the erm website being down is fucked up cos his album just came out.

  • Kelsey

    Yea i feel like he should have at least had a final good-bye or warning so ppl would be expecting it instead of just disappearing like that. But i guess he is just doing whats best for him.I am still his fan. No matter what.Good luck whatever he does!!!

  • markiesha (Ash Moe:D

    I dnt really care i’ve wuld hve done the same thing cumin 2 my work N future.. Dnt care wht other ppl say he syill makin MONEY NICCA LOLZ

  • markiesha (Ash Moe:D


  • Desire

    eff twitter!! And if I had an address I would sooo write to you

  • http://thetingscommittee.blogspot.com Robert

    Yall act like he retired, decided not to do another show ever and is making plans to leave the country.. its just Twitter. For christ sake Twitter hasn’t even existed that long and musicians have been reaching out to fans for decades. Michael Jackson was the kink of pop, Big and Pac rocked the mic, Run DMC revolutionized the game… all without Twitter. Grow up and get over it… he’ll still be Cudder… he’ll still reach out to fans… and he’ll still make next level music.

  • Kelsey

    I guess it really isn’t a big deal. But this just goes to show you that ppl really care about this dude. And he was so open and close to his fans on twitter. Everybody was so attached till i guess it was a big shock not to see him there anymore. But oh well. I know he will still be around just not as easy as it was. But like i said before, more power to him!!!

  • Dionne

    I have a feeling that someone is gonna talk him into getting back on twitter…..But then again Cudi is soo diffrent ya just never know!

  • daChi

    I respect, and ALL of you should respect Cudi’s privacy.

    Sorry to all the nosy ( no life ) fans that want to know every detail about the man’s life.

    I totally understand where Cudi is coming from..

    “I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn’t be that easy for you to get in contact with me.”

  • Travis

    He mentions Twitter in “Simple As…” but then deletes his?

  • Swindy Q

    I just want to say that i too was disapointed that cudi deleted his twitter. everyday i would check his profile because he always posted interesting things but i do understand the privacy thing. i just think kid cudi is like every human and needs a break. he did insinuate that he was deleting his twitter a few weeks ago and honestly it was too good to be true having him be so real and honest. however, i dont think used his fans i think he put himself first which sometimes we need to. idk, judging from his music im not sure if kid cudi ever learned how or what to do with his emotions until he used music. we’re all learning, everyday every minute , every second

  • Kelsey

    I totally agree with the comment above me.You could’nt have explained it any better.

  • tina

    i think he deleted his twitter because things happenin very quicly for him yesterday he was kid cudi now his “MR kid cudi”
    Just try to be him for a second and imagibe that ur phone is ringin’ everytime again and again everybody is interestin in ur life it’s a little bit crazy and scary. he knows that we all love him very much and that we like what he does but i think we have to respect his privacy so i agree with him i’m a big fan i want to know what is doin’ or where he is but we have to slow down i think loool

  • http://theurbansocialite.blogspot.com Amber

    I’m sad he got rid of it, he tweets always made me laugh, and I was so happy when I tweeted me back one! I think he needs to come back and start connecting with his fans again.

  • anouk

    twitter is stupid anyway.

  • Rock A Nok

    tell that nigga CuDi he better adjust the privacy settings on his shit… we interested in wat that nigga doin and got to say (nohomo from me a male perspective)… fuck wrong wit him lls…

  • Dionne

    I know right!! come to think about it he didnt have his profile private. Thats probably why cause it was so broad everyone could see his updates smh… duh Cudi, lol

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  • http://www.buydress.ca The Buy Dress Girl

    Awesome,I admire Michael Jackson! He was the most talented to ever do it! We will never ever have someone like MJ! Rest in Peace to the GREATEST!

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