New Kid Cudi – “cudderisback” freestyle + lyrics

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Fresh in the inbox. Cudder is back with a little holiday gift for everyone and message:

“Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone of my fans, hope u guys arnt ragin too much. SIKE! : ) peace and love from your bud, Cud”

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Download: cudderisback – Kid Cudi

If you’re looking for the lyrics to the song then:

cudderisback lyrics:

yea, wassup
mmmhm nigga, yea its me (laugh)
Yea, I’m back baby, Cudder.

Ottoman couch, how handsome your furniture
Lovelier now, but dressed for funeral
Begging you to sit for a portrait on the wall
To hang in the dark of some parliamentary hall

Stay home a lot, no TV
Just thoughts, and a heap of good weed
Same jeans, same old converse,
Bape tees and the Walees, so works
Im cool, some niggas mad at it
Lookin in from the outside, fantastic
Cant keep that negative alive
They be on my dick, if Kid Cudi die,
dont cry hater, I forgive, now go and get my album and get off my dick
I smile and I’m pleasant, the weed is the essence
But if I’m in the good, we gon’ tear shit up
I’m talking about shots, ridiculous amounts,
cause If you’re gonna rage, should be all about
take, take another shot or you’re soft
Dream On campaign I’m the mother lovin boss
Haters suck my balls, two time
I never say goodbye because I’m on mine
All my life, wanna do something major
Now every little thing I do might make it in the paper
Cudi found y’all nigga, po-po (whatever)
Mad drunk in the street, no photo (I rage)
Hatin motherfuckas, I dont know yo
I guess this was the life I chose
Wanna get up in my mind,
Wanna know about me and Amanda Bynes (amanda please)
Wanna know really, really, really who I’m dating
Is she civilian or super duper famous? (hmmm)
Is she African American, Caucasian, or Asian? (so many)
Or maybe Spanish, it don’t matter my nigga, I love them all.
As long as she don’t need stupid amounts of makeup to makeup the self esteem
Selfish dreams can reflect the blessing
I am that blessing on a cloud
Successful raps, I might scream out loud
Putting it down, for all I met
Talking fans, I wont quit
I’m putting it down, for all I met
Talking fans, I wont quit
hey hey heyy, whoa whoa whoooa (come on, come on)
hey, whoa whoa whoooa (come on, come on)
hey, whoa whoa whoooa
hey, whoa whoa whoooa
na na na na na naaa

Shouts to findyourlane for the base of these lyrics.

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  • tiffytwocheeksss

    I love thisss. Missed you Cudi

  • DeVonte

    nothing but fire cudi as i expected

  • Noah

    this is filthy.. good shit cudi

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  • JayMarie

    He’s the man.

  • Mitch McGrath

    keep doin work cudi…….shit gets better and better. see you the 15th!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Alnadi

    thank you cudi for some reall shit!!! oh yeah and can’t wait for the concert in cleveland ha its a day before my b-day and that is the best gift ever ha

  • Danielle

    I love him…..glad to hear from you Cudi

  • Booka B
  • http://n/a vlaizaflygirl

    that’s wassup…peace, love and blessings to you!

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  • Dustin

    cud spits it again, handsdown

  • Barbie

    This is my law school study Jam. Thanks :)

  • William Arnold

    Who is singing near the beginning? Sounds live Vampire Weekend…

  • TheDude

    yeah it is Vampire Weekend – Ottoman….. cudi should make an all freestyle mixtape with nothing but these type of songs

  • jacquie

    i want to date this man.

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  • baxter

    awesome!! very good i bump this all the time now

  • Nick

    where can i get the instrumental to this??

  • http://Amazing BlaZe PaSCaL

    Greatness!! Keep up the good work Cudi, I copped the first album and am anxiously awaiting the second.

  • thomas

    hot shit

  • PrOmEtH Lv

    Wher It Says, “I am that blessing on a cloud”, He Actually Says, “I Am Tap Dancing On A Cloud” Just Like In The Song: Never Come Down!!!!! Not To Be A Dick……. :-)

  • ciphasublime

    i never get tired of listening to your shit! freestyles are Crazy! whens the next lp dropping?

  • dabx724

    some of the lyrics are wrong. =/ but cudi! you can spit on any beat man, you are too ill. glad you still giving a lil something to the fans even after your album. i use to check youtube regularly to see if you have any new tracks, love all the freestyles! keep doing your thang bro.

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  • Nessa

    hey thats vampire weekend!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Another lyrical masterpiece Cudi

    Cudi for President 2012 Baby

  • Mark Viana


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  • Margy Ambrosio

    Please, can you PM me and tell me more about this, I am a close pal of your site;P

  • Azy

    Cudi is da best.cudi’s biggest fan thAt’s me!

  • dadangman

    this is my ringtone

  • Barb Abdou

    Very informative text. I’ve found your blog via Bing and I’m really glad about the information you provide in your articles. Btw your blogs layout is really broken on the Kmelon browser. Would be great if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the great work!

  • That guy

    one error…
    when it says ” want to know about me and Amanda Bynes (Amanda please)”

    it is supposed to say “Amanda Biz” like how lil wayne and other artists change their name from ex. “lil wayne” to “weezy”

  • Cudderisbackandstillgreat

    he IS nothin less then real

  • http://n/a Kev_K

    this song rips. amazingly catchy and up beat i cant take it. had my head bobbin the whole time. CUDDER IS BACK !!!! ô¿ô

  • cameron

    omg i luv dis shit cudi is back baby

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  • Landon Raisch

    If you keep writing Ill keep reading. Thanks for the post.

  • Dylan

    is this song not on any album? 

  • jeffmcco

    nah it’s just a song he released.  It should be though

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