Kid Cudi Augmented Reality

Got the heads up on this from Confusion from P&P and figured I would share it with everyone. If your looking to kill some time or just think this augmented reality stuff is fun then you’ll probably enjoy this. Watch the video above and then hit the jump to get in on the fun.

Just so you know, you’ll need a webcam for this (obviously) and once you keep reading the page may load a bit slow.

You can download the marker page via this link or by clicking the “Print Tracker” button below.

Few tips from trying it myself:

  • definitely keep the paper straight and the less fingers on it the better.
  • I placed my paper on a book and held it up that way.
  • If you get a promt to “allow or deny” camera access make sure to allow it.

What you guys think?

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  • thematrix

    Pretty dope idea.

  • Kid_Stevie

    AR is awesome!! but they should do more with it.. make it little bit more interactive..
    maybe with 2 markers or something…

  • Nikki

    DAMN no webcam.
    It looks dope though.

  • Travis

    Looks pretty awesome. If I get a cam soon, I’ll definitely try it out.

  • monie

    dang wish i had a webcam..that looks dope

  • brianna

    OMGSH! that was soooo dope OMGSH!!!

  • Jose

    that was dope!!!!!!!

  • Zac

    damn its not working.

  • Will

    Thass wassup!

  • noelle

    Cudi, if you are home (Cleveland) for the holidays, or Hawaii as you stated earlier in the year that you might go to with your family, can you pleease take some pictures of your niece. I bet she is big now!!

  • noelle

    Oh, and will you post the pictures on your blog?? :)

  • kaceeee;!

    lol that was fun!

  • noelle

    Cudi- I would like to wish you and your new beau a very merry Christmas!! You look!!! I hope you got something nice for the young miss, ;)

  • Travis

    Haha, got a webcam today. Trying this out later.

  • Kid_Sagal

    Funny :D

  • chacho


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  • Amy G

    That is sic. You are the bestest.

  • Kristen Marie

    ooh how can i like keep the vid i jus made ?

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