(Video) KiD CuDi “cudderisback”

During a stop in Boston for his latest tour run Kid Cudi and the crew put together a little documentary. Directed by Jason Goldwatch/DECON, the videos set to the tune of Cudi’s latest song “cudderisback“. It’s pure jokes so enjoy and laugh a bit.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ANADTP31 ANADTP31

    Takin shyts and smokin weed
    Fuck wit it LMAO!
    Cudi is pure Genius

  • Shannon

    I agree he is not a role model and talks about his love for weed a little to much. But I want the young people to know that Cudi has a g.e.d, is a weed head, and a talented rapper. That is an exception not the rule. Please don’t think being a weed head with little education are the keys to a successful life. But funny video none the less, just hope people take him as an entertainer and not a role model because he clearly is not.

  • ryan

    can’t wait for the new album to drop…..this video is funny as hell too. I would do anything to smoke with cudi

  • Haze

    A longer version would be really amazing! :)

  • Dylie

    That dude at the end who says “All I do is take shits n smoke weed”.

    What jacket is he wearing, I want that.

  • ScotsGrl2010

    I love cudi….and as far as the comment about being a role role model? If doing your thang while living your dreams is not being a role model than what is? WHO CARES about the smokin weed. This is 2010..it is just a matter of time…its all G.O.O.D

  • Cuditastic.

    This vid is toooo funny. He should make some more. .

  • heythereshannon!

    Shannon, you don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe you need to rethink what a role model is.

  • Tlo

    Fuck em all Cudder, funny video, good music. Look like some delicious grass you rolled up in some yummy blunts with some tasty redbull vodka; diet of champions.

  • Jack

    Shannon shut your mouth you no nothing of his life, people see Barack as a role model when he fact he states smokes weed, suck a dick

  • A.shtonR.yanE.aly

    “stoned,lets smoke so more weeeeeed…..”

    lol hilariuos thats why i love cudi, jokes and laughs!lol!

  • Wilky :P


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