How soon? I’m not really sure. But it looks like Cudder and Jason Goldwatch (Decon Creative Group) got more in store for us then just the video for ‘That Tree’. Goldwatch previously mentioned that the ‘Cudderisback’ video footage was a “crumb of a larger project” he was working on with Cudi and now we’ve got a bit more details. You can expect a video for Soundtrack 2 My life along with a documentary covering the tour run in the last few months of ’09.

Somewheres…in the northern part of the U.S. Its all a blur really, might have been Canada Actually. Slowly but surely a documentary takes form… This is actually a still frame from our “Sound track 2 my life” music video coming soon…Its a special one personally, as it really is The sound-track to my life. Say word.

Originally spotted at KLive via NeverNotFresh. Keep reading for another picture.