Kid Cudi Featured in Converse Music Collaboration

Converse is bringing together 3 artists from differenty styles of music to create a brand new and original song for their “Three Artists. One Song” campaign. The song will feature Kid Cudi, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend. The track will be released this July as a free download.

Along with collaborating on the track, all three artists also participated in the creation of the music video, which will be released later this summer.

UPDATE: Add the Converse x Kid Cudi short film video.

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  • Julio

    so this is like the “My Drive Thru” song Converse did a while back?

    …can not wait Cudder.

  • Gb

    So dope. Cudder is a chameleon in the music industry.

  • DP

    Yup, that was the first Converse song.

  • Stsh

    Hella excited for this.

  • cloudydog

    woah.. the first converse song was prety iight. and i just presented a speech on cudder today in english summer school class xD. i wish i could’v known about this earlierr

  • A.shtonR.yanE.aly

    i lyke it already!!lol

  • deiv23

    Recently registered in the forum, just wanted to say hello to everybody.

    Cudi your music is amazing.

  • Jessame Berry

    is it just me or does it look like he has a big ass head?

  • Chandler

    Cudi and Roth, what can i say…. both you are a true inspiration to all. i wish i could get with both of you on a mixtape and just get all of the shit out i have on my chest. ive heard everything both of you had to say and all of it has made perfect sense in the chaotic lives that we all live in. If either one of you ever read this, then i pray that you guys just give me a chance to help me get my name out there in Dallas. love you niggas and i wont dissapoint you, my word.

  • Nessa

    awesome i love kid cudi and vampire weekend, so this should be cool

  • j

    wheres cudder been i miss him. hes been out of news for like a week now

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