In this year’s summer edition of ELLE Magazine they list the 25 things to look forward to for the rest of the year on their “ELLE 25″ list. Hit the jump for the cover and to see why Cudi’s #1.

The ELLE 25

In a year of head hanging cultural low points (we’re looking at you, Jersey Shore), ELLE presents the 25 best reasons to keep your fait – from the year’s must hear genre busting albums to Cher’s showstopping return to celluloid. (We’ll fist pump to that!)

Number 1 – Kid Cudi

“It’s an aggressive album, not to be taken lightly”

When rapper Kid Cudi Released Man on the Moon: The End of Day last fall, his emotive hip-hop outcooled every thugged-out MC on the market. Almost overnight the 26 year-old, dressed in skinny jeans and a thick-frame glasses, sold nearly half a million albums, lent vocals to Jay-z’s “Already Home” on The Blueprint 3, and became a lead player in HBO’s dramedy How to Make it in America. On Septemebr 14, he’ll release Man on the Moon Pt. 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager, a sophmore effort that up-stages his first, whith booming choruses (Cudi sings — sans Auto-Tune, at that!), raging electro beats, and a rock-rooted single, “Erase Me,” which features that other hypercool skinny-jean-clad rapper, Kanye West. –Julie Vadnal

For the record, when this issue went to print the current date for the album was indeed Sept. 14 but as we all know that has changed. Man on the Moon Pt. 2 is currently slated to hit store shelves on Oct. 26.