Single: Erase Me – Kid Cudi Feat. Kanye West

The first single from Cudi’s upcoming album is here. Just over a year since hes debut LP, Cudi is preparing to release his 2nd album “Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager” on Oct. 26. Erase Me is the first single for the album and it features Kanye West with production by Jim Jonsin. It just went live on iTunes so make sure to support Cudi and grab a copy of the single! Keep reading for purchase links and to listen to the final version.

Erase Me Single:
iTunes USA – Explicit
iTunes Canada – Explicit
iTunes UK – Explicit
Amazon MP3 – Erase Me [Explicit]

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  • Gone

    Typo in ” It just went live on iTunes so ake sure to support”

    Should be “Make sure to support”

  • DP

    Yup, caught it shortly after. Thanks

  • Zach

    damn cudi fell victim to mainstream radio

  • Patrick

    re-posting to hear any feedback:

    what the fuck. people on this site act like they aren’t even cudi fans. seriously when i heard erase me i knew he was going to make that the first single instead of revofev. and it saddened me. remember how excited cudi was about revofev on his blog?? that was real CUDI music. he made that shit for people to enjoy – not the mainstream. when i heard that song it immediately jumped to the top played song on my ipod, it was my summer jam. this song sounds like it was made for playhouse disney… i hope to god the label made the decision for cuid and not himself cause if he decided to make this the official single over revofev i will no longer be the huge cudi fan i am right now.

    ill still support tho.

  • haley

    Just bought it :) .. yup charged $1.29 to my mastercard aha well worth it. supportin’ cudder all dayy.

  • Hozzi

    cudi never made a bad song until this shit sounds like some Bob rock shit

  • Joselopz

    As much as i want to help support cudi, i would rather wait for the albulm! ive heard this song alot but i want to have the whole albulm instead!! By the way it is a great song!! Cudi all the way! woo!!

  • djcrill

    Next to Marshall Cudi is my favorite artist but i gotta say im not feelin this that much theres no substance to the song and its not even catchy Revoloution and Mr Rager are both much better songs in my opinion but keep doin ya thing Cudders

  • Susie

    I bought it in the Norwegian itunes store:) I think the song is for the mainstream but it still sounds different.

    once a while artists need to release music to the mainstream to sell records or else the record label will drop them. so to stay on the label they need to put out music like this.

    this is not a good reason for people to say “im not gonna be a huge fan anymore” ,or crap like that
    the artist ,in this case Cudi still makes dope music and different music and i can still say that he is still the same artist who made u love his music.

    nuff said !

  • thatguywiththeshades

    Not that surprised this is the single though, its abit radio popisch but then so was poker face the last single for MOTM. We all know the genius of cudder so I’ll buy it to show love, and I know the album will be CRAZY!! ;) Love from Sweden!!

  • Chiltip

    Give us a track list for MOM2! We’re dying out here!

  • Leslie

    I just bought it, I had to support.

  • Adlai Ruffin III

    This is to Hozzi u a hatin fag for sayn Erase Me is a bad song dnt knw shyd bout music fagggggggggggg!!!!!

  • shea amos

    thats song is great i love it. Just wait revofev is the next single hell yeah. I cant wait. i cant wait for is album it is going to great

  • kid luis

    i thinnk REVOFEV should have been his single…. thats the kid cudi we love but this song is ok too.. i know he will come through in the new album…

    i bought the single though showing support

  • UK Reppin’

    Don’t get me wrong REVOFEV is a great song but it’s not exactly for the masses to listen to on the radio.

    Cudi needs publicity and “Erase Me” will give him the attention and support he needs.

    Cudder All The Way!!

  • Shawn

    The radio rip version was better the beat on this “mastered version” sounds worse seems like they mixed them up smh…

  • http://n/a vlaizaflygirl

    not feelin’ this so much.
    CUDI, this is a highly anticipated release, please marinate on this idea a little longer.
    This song don’t feel right for a sophomore, first-single release.
    It has a B-side feel to it, for those who remember B-sides.
    You gon’ have to come out bangin’ and this is NOT a banger!
    even if you don’t want revofev as the first slice, pick another slice from that MOTM2 pie!
    Much Luv!

  • Edouard De Prez

    I have every song Cudi ever released. I’m a Cudi STAN.


    Sorry, Cudi, but this is the worst song you ever put out. Please change it. I don’t want this. I’m so sad right now. I can’t believe this. What. I Mean…

    I’m going to cry now.


    love it

  • Travis Hairston

    If they push back the fucking release date one more time ima fuckin kill em with iphone lightsaber haha

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