Man on the Moon: The End of Day Certified Gold

After being on store shelves for over a year and on the Billboard Top 200 albums for 58 weeks, Cudi’s highly acclaimed debut album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” is officially certified Gold as it sold it’s 500,000 copy last week. The End of Day moved another 4,200 copies last week pushing it’s tally to 502,000 copies sold in the USA. Congrats to Cudi and the entire team on the success of the first album.

In related news, Cudi’s¬†sophomore¬†album the “The Legend of Mr. Rager” is nearing 230,000 copies sold in it’s first three weeks, which will likely land Cudi a second gold plaque sooner then later.

And of course, thank you to all the fans who supported and purchased The End of Day and The Legend of Mr. Rager.

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  • carlos garcia

    cudi needs to start making double disc albums. come on cudder

  • CMurr

    It’s clear that hard work pays off……Cudi is living proof, be yourself, work hard and be humble……the rest will take care of itself……..Cudi is the REALEST.

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  • cudis_natrualbeauty

    congrats!!! i got both albums!

  • fredy


  • EDD


  • Gregg

    Congrats cudder!!!! Haha I think I counted for like 10% of those sales. Haha I bought EVERY single friend or family member the cd. I bought like 45 cds. Hahaha

  • carlos garcia

    i remember when i first bought this album was september 15 2009 at 10am. i lost the album about 2 months ago. so ima buy another one in about 2 weeks from today

  • Don Larson

    This is a great accomplishment, but it’s really dumb that it took the public a year to realize Cudi’s greatness

  • cudder00

    i knew this would happen, as soon as the album dropped i knew this website would be dead

  • vlaizaflygirl


  • cudis_natrualbeauty

    no updates yet.. come on DP make up somethin lol..

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  • SoloDolo

    Cleveland is the reason i’m cool.


    Thank you for your share ,your article is very intresting.

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