Bryan Greenberg Feat. Kid Cudi – “You Can Run”

As previously mentioned, Cudi is featured on Bryan Greenbergs forthcoming album “We Don’t Have Forever”. EW just premiered the song “You Can Run” from the album which you can listen to and download below.

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Download: You Can Run – Bryan Greenberg Feat. Kid Cudi via HipHopUpdate

Purchase: You Can Run – Bryan Greenberg Feat. Kid Cudi (iTunes)

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  • Sander V.


  • Hector T

    I think the freestyle was better..but it’s still a mellow song. I need more cudi music!! asap!

  • julia

    will there be another link?

  • therager21

    i like it! :D

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  • Charles

    Good to hear some new Cudi, even if it is a feature.

  • Thias

    Nice! Cudi never fails

  • ItalianCudder

    a bit repetitive…

  • Gregg

    I’ve been PRAYING they did an official song. YESSS!!! It’s amazing.

  • Lifted17

    leave the singing and sh** to cudi……

  • Ms Cudder

    cudi shouldve done the whole song….point blank

  • cudis_natrualbeauty

    i still think this is just alright but damn Cudi’s vocals are so on point. :-)

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  • Word

    Dope i like it!

  • Julio

    Finally we get this! Thank god. It’s funny how he got rid of his old verse for a more melodic one. I guess he’s really ditching the rap game for a while. Any Cudder is good Cudder to me. Because of Cudder I’ma check out Greenberg’s album. We NEED THAT HTMIIA SEASON 2 PRONTO! lol …I honestly think I’ve played this over 50 times. I mean that’s what iTunes tells me haha …so mellow.

  • Gregg

    I have Cudder’s Lyrics for this song.

    I know it’s crazy,
    When we argue,
    The name calling.
    …I know you miss me,
    Cause I’m thinking of you,
    When you’re thinking of me.
    See I won’t panic,
    Cause I feel you,
    Will swing back my way.
    You hate me,
    Yea I get it
    But I can’t begin,
    To even start hating you.

  • Kyle

    wasnt feeling it at first but it has def. grown on me.

  • Dean

    Love it

  • yurikim

    I’m so happy that heard ur voice. :)
    Love it…

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  • cicerone

    sounds like jack johnson produced an n*sync song…glad kid cuddles is getting his though, dude is dope & deserves to sell out

  • Fredy

    Love it

  • lizzy

    kid cudi’s part in this song is the best part of it! wish he did more singing like he did in this song, but that aside Kid Cudi is down right amazing!

  • Alby770

    i read some comments saying:i want old cudi
    stop sayin dat,that’s old cudi,this song its kinda 1 year ago

  • David Arosemena

    Where can I download the old version????

  • Samantha Nadine Ruiz

    kid cudi is changing the music world

  • DanceWear

    I’m not finished
    read this yet, but it’s so fabulous ‘n I’ll back again when I was finished my
    job :D

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