Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius Announce Wizard Singles

In what could only be described as a marthon ustream session, Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius stayed on for over 7 hours last night. To celebrate his birthday, Cudi, Dot and crew played on various games on Xbox Live with fans while ustreaming the entire thing.

During the beginning portion of the Ustream, Cudi previewed the first two singles from the upcoming Wizard album for the lucky fans who had tuned in. “Perfect Is the Word” (previously known as Runaway) will be the first single and you can expect it in the next month or so. Following that up as the second single will be a previously unheard track titled “Rocket”.

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  • LoriGreen

    Haha, I was there the whole time.
    Was amazing, everybody felt a bit closer to him after that.
    He was drinking most part of the stream, LOL.
    He answered just 3 questions of #askscottmescudi, and mine was one of them. Haha, “LORINA” (trying to say Lorena) GREEN he said. I went to heaven and came back.

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  • monie

    man I watched that whoooole,I didn’t even realize that it was 7 hrs lol..I typed him and he read it!I called him chauncey wilkins mcfalon haha..I learned a lot from that ustream

  • cudis_natrualbeauty

    wow that was so amazing! cudi showed a pic of his baby girl vada..she so beautiful! i really enjoyed this.

  • jasmine aka toxicsweetheart

    ahhh last night was amazing, it was like a dream, i definitely feel closer to him now, he wasnt lying when he said he had a eclectic taste for music

  • Robbie Robbster

    Oohhh maaan i missed it cause i live in germany and in this time where he was streamin i was sleepin but i thing it was really cool maybe someone record this… I hope someone record this xD

  • woot

    Cudi with that freemason 666, gtfo hurrr

  • Philipp Klumpp

    Lori! He answered mine too! haha, and the greatest thing is that I get to meet the man himself in Miami! I’m throwing his show! He seems like one reallllll dude.

  • Eivind

    is it any way i could download it? full length

  • ashli

    i was there for like 6 of those 7 hours haha.
    it was dope. Perfect is the Word was awesommeee. and Dot told me happy birthday! :)
    Cudi’s such a cool guy, btw. he has awesome taste in music, his dog is awesome, and his daughter is so cute!!!

  • MiYa C.

    Yes The Wait is over More Cudder = More Real Rap Emotions what the game needs more of, real people who do what they want and want to do them and be successful despite what the haters say!

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  • Nathan B. Polk-in

    i missed it… whenever you do another one ima be there, happy birthday too

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  • JonnyB

    The live show, really showed me that Cudi is a normal guy that loves music, alcohol, weed and being himself. He showed that even on his birthday, he’ll still talk to his fans and set up a ustream, Cudi is a real artist, and a real person.

  • izukanne akosa

    cudder is d best thing dat ever happened to d world of music

  • Muggs
  • RCudderDubs

    Kid Cudi! The only TRUE artist out there, i can see him killin it on any beat whether he does a hook or some verses… man how nice it would be to meet him and get to rage with him haha.. I feel he should do some songs with Chiddy Bang, just started hearin these dudes.. Cudi would like them and especially their beats. Did not know about the live stream:( it sucks, but i just wanna hear some new cudder to chill and listen to!

  • PoeticStarChild

    Hey DP! I wrote a poem dedicated to Kid Cudi and wanted to spread the word for other cudi fans/supporters to check it out

  • James Weber

    No offense Cudi cause i fucking love you, but perfect is the word sucks some serious d. Please don’t drop that on your new album

  • Anthony Foster

    Scott You Genius Lets make some amazing music this year contact me

  • hamid cudi

    ‘kid cudi is the best …………..forever’ your fan hamid rahim

  • Animehero18

    Get A ps3 It’s better, holla at me -Animehero18

  • SImon

    I got to chat him and Dot on XBL private chat. That was me talking to them on the mic haha :)

  • iks
  • fsdg

    :P I love this, I love my boy friend. He is a nice guy. i met him via
    ~~~B lack Wh ite F li rts. C” 0- M~~~~ ” Joi n for Fre e” The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • James

    So pissed i missed it. sounds like it was a good time

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