Kid Cudi Explains Why He Stopped Smoking Weed

Cudi made some waves when he announced he was done smoking weed, coincidentally he made the claim on April 1st so many people thought it was a joke. There hasn’t been much word from him as to why he decide to stop but at the Rites of Spring show on Saturday he took some time to explain things before he performed the appropriately titled “Marijuana” from MOTM 2.

“You know how some people can take a smoke and they’re good, they do it for recreational purposes, shit like that. I was the motherfucker who was doing that shit all the time, recreationally, every day, wake up, needed it, all those things. While I was in that state of mind I just was missing a lot of shit that was going on in my circle. I just felt like I needed to just take a step back, clear my dome and focus on some real imporant shit. Like my daughter for one, my family, my business, things that are important. But you know, don’t be sad, I had a good run right? “

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  • Fjnkkm

    dude your f**king retarded, cudi smoked back to back, he never had a sober moment longer then 20 minutes haha

  • Cesar Candolffi

    I feel like who shouldnt 100% quit, but he should smoke less like not everday but do it like if you were drinking on the weekend or ocassional purposes; there is no harm when you do it that way.

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  • cudifan4life

    That is Very true, we all got are reasons too smoke, but when you need to awake from the haze, just do it. just like Cudi did (:

  • cudifan4life

    how are you gonna be a real Cudi fan, if you dont spell his name right? jus sayin..

  • Eric


  • katy med

    duznt matter how much  you smoke or whether you think its addictive or not, hes a good man for thinking of his babies first , i would stop everthing and do anything for my babies:) goood job cudi:)

  • T Manogin

    But he said that when he smoked, he would do it everyday. I’m guessing that if he only did it a bit, he’d be right back at that wake-n-bake point.

  • T Manogin

    Lol hahahaha I almost died

  • T Manogin

    You can’t really say that. You haven’t known Cudi your entire life, unless you met him in your mom’s womb. Which we both know you didn’t. So chill out with that “not sober for 20 minutes” shit.

  • T Manogin

    Lil B. can’t rap for shit. I never listen to his music unless it has a good beat or unless it’s funny. I understand where your coming from with the religious stuff and I know every time is the time for God, but you completely changed the damn subject. Don’t call us posers either. If you were a real Cudi fan, you’d understand where we’re coming from with this. But you probably don’t smoke, so you cant anyway.

  • T Manogin

    No. Just stop yourself. He clearly said he needed to get back to real life. You’ve got it all wrong broham.

  • Jake

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cudi without weed is like Santa without the beard.

  • Uncommon Sense

    There’s no chemical/carcinogen in weed that can make you addicted to it, so it’s impossible to be chemically dependent on weed. On the other hand, you could love weed and being high and say hey I love this, I wanna do this all the time, like cudi was doing, thus creating a physical dependency. Google a thing called psycology guys.

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