Listen: Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me

We heard from Cudi a few months ago that he him and Dot Da Genius had created a new song for the upcoming Fright Night remake and now its time to listen. The track was originally released as a video first and is scheduled to appear on the full soundtrack for the movie due August 16.

If you haven’t watched the video yet (or its blocked in your country) you can listen to the song in full below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Fright Night, the remake to the 1985 hit movie, stars Collin Ferrell, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The movie hits theaters August 19, and if you do go see it you’ll be able to catch “No One Believes Me” during the end credits.

WATCH: Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me (Directed by Craig Gillespie)

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  • Kyle Payne

    i need a downloadable version! Make this happen.

  • DP

    It will be on iTunes soon. As far as a free download, my hands are tied.

  • Kyle Payne

    itunes is good enough!

  • Anette Vaab

    woooww, mindlessly like. K.C

  • Nick Killian

    Okay, how soon will it be on iTunes? I need this song.

  • David J. Celestin

    awesome song….better than perfect is the word in my opinion

  • Jaime Nava

    Movie seems week but this song is amazing

  • Drew

    What a jam. Can’t wait for Fright Night too. Horror classic. Hope it’s done justice.

  • Guest

    Can you please make a blog post when the iTunes version comes out. Cheers.


    #jones #otph #tunchiesback

  • hoagie

    hey DP do you know cudi or something how do you know whats happening with cudi b4 everyone else? amazing site though its probably my most visited website

  • Devinangilo

    g.o.o.d music!i baby!!!haaha good shit though!

  • CJ

    youtubedownloader guys! I’ve been jamming to this for two days now.

  • Cudi4Pres

    In a 100% honest post (seeing as i usually unconditionally LOVE everything cudi puts out) this song is not tall that great… AMAZING video but really the doesnt do anything for me. at least it was an improvement from perfect is the word

  • Nate

    There should be a genre called Kid Cudi… nothing compares too this right here! Its a hell of a track!

  • Agpmexico

     for real this sucks what happend to u cudi shit man just rap bro for real man the PRAYER forever and out bro get back to raping !

  • Swaggaboi1284

    yea jus go back to raping

  • Juvaluvs

    Kid Cudi is mindbending. His genre of music is unlike any other. For you simple minded fucks that keep saying “get back to rapping”, ya’ll are just ignorant to music and can’t understand the sophistication of these tracks. You have no culture. Rap is just that, rap, but this is music. There’s a mood that’s supposed to be felt and that’s what Kid Cudi’s music is all about. If you can’t handle it, then listen to something else.

  • Victorem95

    He’s doing other stuff its called growth he used rap as a gateway to do what he really wanted to and frankly I respect that to the fullest. Keep up the good work.

  • Zach Lemerich

    I always wanted to say that but I could never find the words to put together tho.

  • Joshquigley104

    im so sick of people saying that people arent real kid cudi fans because they dont like his recent music…or saying people who dont like this song are simple minding. thats just so stupid and ignorant in itself. ive been listening to kid cudi since A kid named cudi came out and i have heard every song that he has put out so i think that would make me a “true” cudder fan and so far i havent liked his new rock theme…no where near as much as his mixtapes and the MOTM’s….hes still rapping but hes doing that while he does stuff with 2 be continuum so we will still get the rapping kid cudi and i hope his rock shit is good too and ill give it a shot but all these people are saying there true cudi fans because they like his new stuff…well his new stuff and old stuff are completely different so just because you like cudis new stuff doesnt make you anymore of a fan

  • Jose
  • CuDiRuNnEr

    Take the time to appreciate what he is actually doing here…this is a good song, im all about his rap, but he’s just a musician… and a damn good one



  • Arsenals08

    Get blazed. Then listen to it. It will change your mind.

  • Landon Geovonnie

    I CRIED..