Kid Cudi Says New Song
“High Off Life!” Coming Soon

New Song "High Off Life!", coming sooooon
Scott Mescudi

Looks like Kid Cudi is ready to release some new music, likely off his upcoming album “Wizard” with Dot Da Genius. Stay tuned for a release.

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  • Christian Caicedo

    By soon do you mean In like a year? ;)

  • Michelle Ivy Le

    <3  too excited.

  • Redeyes_124

    yeah its a year from now .. 

  • Mattatatmescudi23

    Yee ;D

  • Anonymous

    awww can’t wait !

  • Lorne Powell

    who remebers this line………”high off life? my nigga not even ima be at war with the devil till the evening”  – is there any love ft. wale  

  • P-P-Pretty green bud

    guys, that doesnt sound like a song that would be on wizard. Its sounds like itll be on motm3 so by soon its wen motm 3 comes out. Still excited tho!

  • P-P-Pretty green bud

    guys, that doesnt sound like a song that would be on wizard. Its sounds like itll be on motm3 so by soon its wen motm 3 comes out. Still excited tho!

  • Ktekra

    sounds like a corny as song, you need start smoking weed again because your music will suck

  • Csaksa07


  • G

    unfortunately soon for kid cudi means it will probably never come out

  • Aaron J.

    i didnt expect this response from people, i thought more would be excited but most are still mad about the AMNS mixtape not releasing. i am too but im looking forward to this album too and especially MOTM 3 next year

  • manonthemoon

    dude fuck wizard cudi…i used to fuck with your mixtape material and thought your debut album was fucking amazing, then you fell off and started this shit…go back to the music that made you who you are

  • Zyonker

    the thing that makes cudder so amazing is hes himself, he doesnt give a shit about bullshit people tryin to change him… “ima do what i do, so do you” stop hatin on cudders. hes gonna change the world of music with his new album

  • Chrisob9195

    Kid Cudi is still Kid Cudi so all his music is amazing 

  • Alex

    fuck you… who are you to hate on somone for being who they are. let cudi do his own thing and either like it or not, dont hate. man i hate such acute minds like this, cause we all know that cudi is obtuse.

  • All Star125

    it’s been like a month :/ at least MANIAC is soo close

  • Katherine Pallidine

    this is Cudi if he was doing what you and all the other idiots say and just rap about smoking weed again he would being what YOU want him to be. true Cudi fans love him for HIM, his words ideas and thoughts not because he smokes mad bud. Why don’t you go listen to some Wiz Khalifa or Tyler the Creator if you want that shit

  • Markygz

    Maniac was so amazing. I like how they changed it up and made the short film. It gives you more of an idea on what the song is really about.

  • theboss

    tyler the creator is against smoking weed…he is straight edge and never raps about it unless its his alter ego wolf haley dont call someone out unless you have your facts straight

  • Corey

    so excited to see what Cudi has to show us…always so intuitive and smart

  • Lilrob314

    Come on Cudder. o cant wait WZRD gonna be awesome so is MOTM III

  • Lilrob314

    He also mentions the phrase “High Off Life” in “Is There Any Love” (Feat. Wale)

  • fadedman

    Can’t wait for your new shit cud! You’re a fuckin boss so no matter what you come up with its gunna be dope. Keep doin what you do!

  • Lilrob314

    It sounds like it’ll release for the first single of “Man On The Moon III” so I don’t expect it to come out from a long time from now

  • W16CCamS

    i lie cudi and have always liked cudi. i suport him and always will listen to him. no matter what he does. but i do belive his music was better smoking weed. still good. but not as good…i still cant wait for his new man on the moon 3 fuck WZRD

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