How to Make it in America Season 2 Premieres Tonight at 10:30PM on HBO

Season 2 of How to Make it in America finally premieres tonight at 10:30 PM on HBO. The first episode finds Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (Victor Rasuk) returning to NYC from a successful trip to Tokyo full of optimism – and with duffle bags of hoodies for a CRISP pop-up store event. While Domingo (Scott Mescudi) expands his business beyond dog-walking. Make sure to tune in tonight for the premiere!

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  • Tony

    Kid Cudi smoked weed at the end of the show so what does this mean?

  • Chico

    That green hoodie Cudi is rocking, where can I get it?

  • Frank-cookie

    why did he smoke weed!??!?! D:

  • Justinburke147

    Where can I get the grey “crisp” baseball hat that dude wore?

  • Christian Caicedo

    It means he smoked fake weed

  • Tony

    Cudi would never smoke anything fake so it was real and anyways he going to do what he going to do

  • DP

    Its a TV show…so he’s acting. I think thats says it all. 

  • DP

    He was acting.

  • Spirited Nica

    are u going to post the full episode? i don’t have hbo =[

  • Tcortese

    hey but you cant go against your word just saying he should come out and say hey im cudi so i do what i do and i know i said i quit but it me   said saying im done and making a song getting high of life so many artist have the same title getting high of life is a tale not true life is like a chemical that will kill you in the end so im telling you is to smoke weed 

  • Christian Caicedo

    It’s a T.V. Show meaning if they show him smoking actual marijuana his ass would be arrested in a second

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