Kid Cudi’s yet to release his upcoming album for his rock project WZRD, but thats not stopping him from working on Man on The Moon 3 and giving us the details. The final album in the trilogy will complete the seamless experience allowing fans to play all three albums back to back. Cudi described this as “the only legitimate music trilogy ever made“.

Cudi also let some details go on who he’s working with for the album, one person being Jean Baptiste. You’ll recognize Baptiste’s work from his production on the first MOTM as he produced “Up Up and Away” as well as “Heart of a Lion”.

One thing that was not included in Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager was narration of the album from Common who provided a narrative to the first albom, The End of Day. Cudi says he hasn’t asked Common yet, but he wants him to return for the final narrative at the end of Man on the Moon 3.