Photo: Meet Kid Cudi’s Daughter Vada Mescudi

Kid Cudi is a proud father and today he went on his tumblr to post a photo of his daughter for the first time.  Check out what Cudi had to say and a photo of Vada Wamwene Mescudi, who turns 2 in March, below as she rocks a Cleveland fitted (what else?). 

Ladies and gentleman, I think its time you all meet the #1 love in my life. The lil lady thats kept me alive and made me a better man.

Vada Wamwene Mescudi

Her middle name Wamwene is Kenyan and is pronounced Wom Win Aye. It means "Little girl that belongs to special people".
Scott Mescudi

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  • lol

    cudi tha kidddd… wompp wompp wommmpppp

  • Chrissy

    She looks like Cudi. Sooo cute.

  • Michael Fiasco Light Jr.

    kid kid cudi lol

  • cudilove

    she is adorable!!!!!!!

  • CUD.lifee Nevarez

    shes so cute

  • Mimi Burrow

    Aww; thats too cute :)

  • Arellanomarthatha40

    Shes Cayute <3

  • Zlemerich

    Good for you cudder!

  • CoUnTrY

    she look just like tha cudder when he wus a youngin lol … she a cutie tho..Vada Say IVY BLUE EAT YOUR HEART OUT lol

  • Jacksonjamari247

    she’s GOING to Be THE NEXT CuDDDDeRRRR!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    aww.. thanks for sharing this pic.. she’s so angelic.. peace & blessings now and always.

  • Mkaila


  • Dr. Pill

    so wait…who’s the mother of baby cudder?

  • Aaron_J

    ok, where does that first name come from?

  • Jordan

    Vada looks exactly like Scott when he was a kid.

  • Lily

    Hey guys, who’s the mother?

  • vlaizaflygirl

    petit cudi jolie
    “V” like vagina, when she gets older, of course:)

  • O: Congrats

    scott you are a fortunate man and she is a fortunate young lady… Keep them guns on deck for those lil perveted boys….

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