Single Artwork for WZRD “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” & “Brake” Singles

As we near closer to the release date for both singles check out the single artwork (full versions below) for “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” and “Brake” from Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius’ album “WZRD”.

Both covers continue the style of the official WZRD album artwork that Cudi premiered last month with various imagery seen through the WZRD logo on a simple black background.

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  • Ben


  • Ido Ben Barouch

    i want the full song of teleport 2 me !! 

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  • Miszi

    Pretty awesome idea, love both of the songs. Well in the form we’ve heard them so far.

  • Dvela17

    What about “Dose of Dopeness”???

  • Adrian Jackson


  • Gvel

    Still cudi never said it was being released, dot da genius said it so its pretty sketchy if cudi hasnt even acknowledged its getting released

  • Stopshootinme

    I guess the T-Shirt & Hoodies will just look like this. I don’t get why brake is being released, I don’t see the master version being any different from what we got already.

  • DopeBoy

    dot da genius is just as much a part of the band as kid cudi is, i think he pretty reliable

  • ULOP3Z

    Does “Dose Of Dopeness” come out tommorow and can we get a DatnewCudi App cuz this site doesnt run smooth on my phone sometimes

  • Drew

    Teleport 2 Me sounds so good. Can’t wait for the entire song.

  • Orlando

    I’m liking all the songs for WZRD so far, but I haven’t liked any of the artwork. It just seems like they could be a whole lot better.

  • Joe VanHo

    the palm tree one looks like a picture out of GTA Vice City

  • Anonymous

    i like the simplicity of the artwork, but i feel like something is missing

  • LeVi RasMor

    cudi’s hand wrapped around it

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of vice city

  • Dope

    What about doses of dopeness?

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  • Rage101

    Whatch those tracks ending up in gta 5

  • Byron

    Good call!

  • Byron

    For sure!

  • Byron

    I would buy a tee shirt or hoodies with that design on the front or the back of the shirt. I would buy a few, just a few.

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