New Kid Cudi Song “The Ruler & The Killer” Featured on Hunger Games Soundtrack


WZRD is only 2 weeks away from release as it will be available online and in store on Feb 28 (pre-order today!) but we won’t have to wait too long after that for new music. Kid Cudi is no stranger to movie soundtracks, he most recently recorded “No One Believes Me” (produced by Dot Da Genius) for 2011’s remake of “Fright Night”. This time around Cudi has contributed an original recording to “The Hunger Games”.

The song, titled “The Ruler & The Killer” is set to be featured on the films official soundtrack due out March 20 with the film to follow March 23. The song will not be used in the actual film as “The Hunger Games” will have an original score. If you’re interested, you can pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon or  iTunes right now.

Watch the trailer for “The Hunger Games” below.

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  • Yeezuschrist


  • Iidaniel_

    Wait so it’s on the soundtrack but not in the film?

  • DP

    Correct, the movie will have an original score along side an original soundtrack.

  • ArneoCar

    Cudi song or WZRD song ? 

  • Mr Rager84

    Wtf so can we not listen to the song?

  • thadewd

    DoD coming next week!

  • cuddersmother

    and nowhere

  • YOBU

    i remember the skymight fall teaser now hes actually doing films hmm

  • Brent Ryan

    whats the big deal then?

  • billy golemme

    this title is misleading please consider changing it. i got excited, clicked on it expecting to listen to a new song, and there was nothing. i cried. change it to “kid cudi to be featured on hunger games soundtrack” or something. please. so others dont have to go through what i went through.

  • dot da rager

    i went through the same exact thing… i was balling

  • Waldo93

    :( me too

  • Army1601

    First Fright Night, now the Hunger Games, Cudi is moving UP!

  • I Love Kid Cudi


  • Blynch5211

    i feel like ive been tricked

  • Bigwhitedick

    oh god i love masturbating to kid cudis forehead its sooo big.

  • DP

    The big deal is you will all get to hear a brand new Kid Cudi track

  • <3 Mescudi music

    You’re a freaking sicko even though it might be a joke.

  • dumbassbilly

    thats what is says New Kid Cudi Song The Ruler and the Killer Featured on Hunger Games Soundtrack

  • David

    This is great news.

    Also to all the inpatient people complaining about DoD and disappointed in not being able to listen to this song go these pages they have plenty of unreleased Cudi songs:

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