Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius Cover Complex’s WZRD Week

Kid Cudi has three cover’s under his belt with Complex Magazine and with “WZRD” in stores tomorrow is bringing us a full week of WZRD content. Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius grace the digital cover for Complex that includes a full week of coverage and a great interview/story with the duo.

To kick the week off, here is the awesome digital cover of Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius levitated out in the desert. Then  head over to to read the exclusive cover story written by Joe La Puma.

READ: WZRD: Band Of Brothers (2012 Online Cover Story)

READ: WZRD: Band Of Brothers (2012 Online Cover Story)

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  • lemon kush mmmm

    wordddddddd… first ! 

  • Cudderman7


  • Jillkelly

    okay. so I just downloaded cudis wzrd album and it suuuuuuuuucks. sorry cud, but you ruined dot’s instrumentals with your monotone humming and moaning. the album was actually worse than i thought it would be. again. dot did an awesome job. but cud your shit felt forced homie. just cuz your a fan of a genre doesn’t mean you have to dedicate an album to it, especially if your terrible at it. just because I like football that doesn’t mean I need to join the NFL. and i don’t give a fuck what anybody says but your shit is lame as fuck ever since you quit smoking bud. you say it’s for your daughter but weed doesn’t make you stumble and crawl and get dragged by body guards n shit. you should probably stop drinking too if thats the case. and start making nursery rhymes….just saying.

  • ohreALLY

    where did you download from?

  • Joshua Wzrd Martinez

    Fuck you, WZRD is actully pretty fucking good! 

  • Cudi_tastic

    Damn this kid Jillkelly is wack as fuck!

  • Mimi Burrow

    Real fans buy Cudi’s music, not jack it offline. You are clearly not one based on that comment. smh

  • DDR

    Fuck u bitch. Go listen to you rap..fucking kids never been exposed to music. Simple minded idiot

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