Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius “WZRD” Album is Now Available on iTunes!

Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius “WZRD” album is now available on iTunes a few hours early! Ready to dive in and listen to the album? Purchase links for the USA and Canada are below. If you live in any other country then please leave a link in the comments and we will include it in the post.

Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD  ($9.99) – USA
Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD  ($9.99) – Canada

(Click each song title to open the lyrics page for it)


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  • James

    i have to wait for my hard copy! dammit! haa


    TBH, I got the leaked version a week ago, but I support the Cud.. Buying the album off Amazon right now :). It’s a great album to anybody who is having doubts.. Have an open mind and this music will sound godlike to you!!

  • kid cudi deserves a blumpkin



    damn it i gotta wait for the vinyl to come out

  • circuit

    I love this hard.

  • Eddy

    WZRD is Fucking amazing!

  • Anthony

    got it for 8.70 off itunes cuz i had brake single so dope and life changing music right here i hope their will be a new WZRD Album  called When Zoned Real Dream that would be dope

  • Bravo


  • Warrenlightfoot

    Not meaning to brag…never mind, I’m going to brag. I WAS FIRST TO RATE AND COMMENT ON ITUNES. Do I win something????

  • Amazing

    KiD CuDi you are truly a masterpiece!

  • Albertosalas92

    When does the hard copy come out?

  • MR

    like the album. upper room, where did you sleep last night, efflictim and high off life are dope as fuck!

  • JJ

    Ohhh already available on Spotify :-) (WZRD – WZRD)

  • JJ
  • Alexmarch93

    When is it avalible in the UK!

  • Alexmarch93

    Is there a link for the UK?!

  • Dixon 1223

    Release this shit world F**kn wide!!! This ish is crack I’m that annoyed by stupid shit like this!! FUCK!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i agree with Dixon! What bout all us fans from other countries that are dying for this shyt! 

  • Zig Zack Axe

    Im in South Africa.. How do i get the WZRD album

  • Jakob

    When is the cd avalible in Germany ???

  • Jakob

    When is the cd avalible in Germany ???

  • KidCuDiWINS

    Waiting for my hard copy today :D

  • Guest

    Long live King Cudi. Love wzrd.

  • MR

    In the netherlands the hardcopy coming out on march 9.

  • packer44dakota4

    I got my hard copy last night at midnight. This album is so epic!!!!

  • cantwaitforwzrd

    when will it released in germany?

  • Keena.

    Getting Mine Tonight!:D Excited as Hell. 

  • BigFan

    definitely gonna buy this .. when will it come to estonia or when will it release world wide on itunes ?? MUCH LOVE ! epic album :)

  • Guesttt

    Is it going to be available in Lebanon? we needdd it here!

  • :)

    anyone know what happened to the song “rocket”? and why its not on there?

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