Today is the day as “WZRD” is finally available in stores and online! Many of you seem to have questions surrounding the album so I’m going to take this post as an opportunity to get everyone caught up on where to buy the album and answer some questions I’ve been getting.

Digital Album

The album is currently available on all digital retailers, but the two biggest are obviously going to be iTunes and Amazon. The album is already the #1 album on iTunes thanks to everyones support! iTunes has “WZRD” priced at $9.99 with the digital booklet but if you’re looking to save a $1 then you can grab it on Amazon (digital booklet included) for $8.99.

Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD  ($9.99) – iTunes USA
Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD  ($9.99) – iTunes Canada
Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD  ($8.99) – Amazon MP3


As some of you are already starting to find out, “WZRD” isn’t the easiest thing to find at some retailers right now (which is why I encouraged you all to pre-order!). Due to the album being a bit rushed for its Feb. 28th release not all retailers are stocking it in time. Please call ahead to your local CD store (especially big box chains like Best Buy) to confirm they have it in stock. If you would like a hard copy but don’t want to waste your time driving around looking for it, then you can purchase it online from Amazon and Best Buy (free shipping).

Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD ($9.99) – Amazon (CD)
Purchase: Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius – WZRD ($9.99) – Best Buy (CD)


As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, the Vinyl version of “WZRD” was delayed and will not be shipping out today. The vinyl will be available for order in the near future and I will make sure to update everyone with a new post when it is available to order.

International Release

Cudi has a very strong following overseas but its tough for me to give you all the correct information as every country has its own release. Digitally, the album seems to be available across Europe already so grab a copy if you can! As for the physical album, it looks like its release has been moved to March 9 & 12 depending on your country.


(Click each song title to open the lyrics page for it)


  • Ja


    Germany 9.März !

  • Jakob

    Germany March 9th

  • Herrlich

    My CD was perordered, said to be shipped in 29th february, noch changed to 19-21 of march! Was excited and now angry as f**k!
    Pre ordered on German Amazon…

  • Hendrik

    I Want this cd! Can’t wait anymore! First announcement made me excited, than delayed to today! Now i have to Grab this cd digitally, until my cd arrives, But Not Through iTunes Nor Amazon.
    Why delay again? Fuck europe/german fans?
    Tanks cudi&ddg

  • fredy

    i didint get a digital bucklet any reply

  • Jeff

    So is the hardcopy a digipak? 

  • Jakob

    What do you mean with “fuck europe/german fans” ?

  • Jakob²

    chillt doch leute.
    man kanns sich doch schon anhören, ob man die cd dann paar tage später in der hand hält ist doch auch nicht die welt…

    btw hab bei saturn nachgefragt und die haben mir das geschrieben:
    “das von Ihnen gesuchte Album erscheint im Ausland am
    Wir können Ihnen ein Exemplar zu 17,99

    Es würde in der KW 10 (5.-11.März) bei uns

  • Hendrik

    Why they let us wait? :(

  • Hendrik

    I mean a few days would be okay, but I preordered and got a delay of 1 month? That must be a f***ing joke, seriously… :(

    But I downloaded it elsewhere, now I only have to wait for my Hardcopy, 1 month… :/

  • Jakob

    woher kommt ihr ?

  • NYCudi

    I had to go to a 2nd best buy because the one in 62nd didn’t have it. I was like WTF? I had to go uptown and there it was, hit my eyes, and i left a happy man. Time to get high on Cudi’s music 😀

  • Brandon

    you dont realize how tough it is to make millions of copys and spread them over the the US Europe Asia ect. 

  • Hendrik

    Bremen bestellt via Amazon – Vorbestellung

  • Hendrik

    Bremen bestellt via Amazon – Vorbestellung

  • Aduffy1266

    die hard cudi fan forgot that it dropped yesterdayish so when i went to dat new cudi i download immediately, IMMEDIATELY, PRONTO, PRONTO. when i tell you i been waiting for some new cudi and i know cudi and dot gon do right by they fans 

  • nick

    album’s amazing but can someone please tell me what happened to the song ‘rocket’?

  • James

    cudster say he planned on releasing later this year

  • Anthony

    the first best buy i went to had like 15 copies of it haha sucks for all you guys

  • Anthony

     It’s worth the wait though

  • kml

    what about poland?