Kid Cudi Stops by The Hundreds Store in LA

Generally this wouldn’t be a very interesting story but its what Kid Cudi did when he walked in that’s worth talking about. While shopping on Fairfax out in LA, Cudi stopped by The Hundreds store and purchased a $2,000 gift card and then let everyone in the store get whatever they wanted. Pretty dope right? 

Went shopping today on Fairfax and ran into a ton of cool fucking kids. I love the energy in California. Mad love for Cud out here.
Scott Mescudi
Had to re up on some thangs. Mad love to The Hundreds and Diamond Supply for holdin down Dennis and I. I fux wit yall!
Scott Mescudi

Source: bobbyhundreds

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  • Inlihandmadethoughts

    sad i was in LA yesterday and missed cudi

  • Mzarco14

    thats fuckin dope thats why i love cudi!!

  • Kendall Futterwacken Ingle

    cudi come to asheville, NC! got more fans out here than ya now boss man! im catching all these kids up on your steez mr WIZARD!