Kid Cudi performed a free show in Cleveland on Thursday as part of the 2012 induction festivities for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Toward the end of the show he brought his daughter Vada out on stage to introduce her to the crowd. Check out the video below to see Cudi perform the last few songs of the set, and you can jump to about 6:15 to see him bring out Vada.

  • MeeksMusic

    I was there…Second row floor seats…Was like 6 ft away from cudi…Sweet show

  • wannaberager

    please come to Ontario, CA!!

  • wannaberager

    California not Canada

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  • Dan49


  • Drice1995

    does anyone know if he did some of his WZRD songs? jw

  • Felix10110010

    that was fckn tight. Cudi is such a GOOD person.

  • MeeksMusic

    Yea he did high off life and teleport to me

  • Cojo von coolio

    please please please please perform in Detroit this summer. Or anywhere in Michigan…I would die of excitement!

  • ragerinmypants

    this is the true old cudi, converse, white t, cleveland hat and skinnies on. this show was the shit

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  • hstler1

    Correction my friend the “true cudi” is our WZRD cudi  and MOTM cudi , he will never leave and will always be cudi aka mr.rager aka kurt hussle. The man makes the clothes the clothes don’t make the man.

  • Yahya Mack

    Was his teleport 2 me live good?

  • islandkid

    youre the kind of person who would suck cudis dick if he asked you to 

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  • Pingback: Rap Radar :: Kid Cudi Brings Daughter Onto Stage()

  • Pingback: Kid Cudi Brings Daughter Onto Stage()

  • Geburar

     check my channel, I uploaded both. the same person who uploaded the vada video…

  • hstler1

    I’m sorry you don’t know the difference between “dick sucking” and having an opinion about someone , but of course there is a place in the world for narrow minded people like you :)

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  • ms. mescudi

    hstler 1 just dissed you OUT!!!!!

  • @kidcudderluvr – follow me!!!


  • theDOPENESS.

    I get genuinely sad when there is no Cudi news. Did anyone else notice all of his tweets last week? “the return of mr. rager” “marijuana had my back” and a bunch of his older lyrics, am I reading too much into this, or is he hinting at something…?

  • ragerinmypants

     im hoping witchu dog

  • theDOPENESS.

    i mean. he’s better off putting down the cigarettes and picking up a blunt anyway! 

  • James Francis

    She said “Dada”

  • ragerinmypants

     hell yeaa thats what i like to hear!

  • hstler1

    Does everyone think that you have to be under the influence of drugs to make good music nowadays?

  • Pimpin0Steph

    Come back to Nebraskaaa tho

  • Erica Robinson

    Cudi please come to New Orleans or close!

  • Skyhighguy

    Cudi and marijuana go hand in hand man, without it, it just doesn’t feel like I’m listening to Mr. Rager anymore

  • R Hemerlein

    Better Video’s here