Video: Kid Cudi Premieres New Rap Song

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“Hello friends, Cudder again.” Kid Cudi took the stage in Geneseo, NY over the weekend and performed his usually selections of hits and fan favorites, but it was the newest track that had everyone talking.

Taking a break from his usual set, Cudi explained to the crowd how he’s always getting asked “Cudi, when will you rap again?” answering his own question “you know….when I feel like it”. Cudi then proceed to perform an acapella version of of a new rap song produced by Dot Da Genius saying “however, I’ve been working on something new thats really dope”.

What does everyone think?

The freestyle from Geneseo concert is from a song produced by @ and myself!
Dot Da Genius

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  • theDOPENESS.

    You need to chill the fuck out. There are clearly two versions of Cudi. If you dont see that then you are a moron. THE MOON MAN IS BACK. I’m not saying one Cudi is any better than the other. I love WZRD. It’s just nice to hear him rapping knowing he can do so many things artistically. Don’t question me, bitch. If you were a real Cudi fan, you wouldn’t have to try so hard to make it seem like I’m not. Shit bro.

  • DaWizardSean

    Finally, Wzrd Was Ok, But MOTM Is What Made Me Fuck With Cudi

  • dat_nikka_lef_k

    cudder z dope,goes beyond the music,ts wat he stands 4.#respect.MOTM1 rockd hard 4me,MOTM2 ws melancholy bt still dope(showd growth),WZRD(liked Love hard,teleport 2me n Dream tym machine(dis 1 ws man on th moon material)

  • Guest

    fuck yes. That’s all i gotta say.

  • Guest2

    Cudi’s Twitter:
    Ahh shit, found my old lap top with a gang of unfinished songs from MOTM1 and MOTM2. And so it begins….So many fucking jams. Don’t worry. Ima make sure y’all hear this stuff soon. trust. believe bruv!

  • Millllion

    I need a whole album of that shit rite there, this nigga needs to make an album and release it as MOTM 3 and we will be more than satisfied… 
    Welcome back Cudder, we’ve been waiting.

  • A$AP Mimz

    That’s right baby, bring on the new jams. I’m so happy; I’m ready for the rap <3

  • Zephan Zephy Westside Nix


  • Danillyforflly

    why are u so sick? pure talent

  • Nathan

    Why are you on this site? Bitch.

  • Desertrocksfest09

    When cudi raps it gives me the chills

  • KidCudiNation

    CUDDER IS BACK…!!!!!!

  • Shalayaw

    DOPPPPPPEEEEE !! thats the CUDI i love ! well i love everything he does but that was DOPEE ! straight ” pushing niggas ” 

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  • Skintasticart3418

    Loving his music it has its own style and swagg hoping he go a long way.
    Loving all the genres he is falling in.
    New raps under go here

  • Bawsington

    feels like another dose of dopeness.. listen to it live for a few years then itll be released officially hah