It’s been almost two months since we last heard about the “Teleport 2 Me” video but now we’re getting a behind the scenes look at the video. Directors Bill Barminski and Christopher Louie of Walter Robot explain the concept and theme behind the upcoming WZRD music video as they showcase various scenes and sets from the shoot. Watch the behind the scenes video below and stay tuned for details on the videos release.

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  • Keenasmiles

    This gave me chills(:

  • KayTe

    Cudi is hitting a joint in the video!! Hell ya :)

  • yep yeppers

    some cudi fans are inconsiderate as fuck. why would yall want him to continue to smoke weed if weed lead him to doing coke? we all know cudi made great music when he smoked, but he has a kid now and needs to make better decesions. stop being selfish.

  • Rob

    so is the song not called teleport 2 me, jamie anymore?

  • Jonahchavarria

    that’s a cigarette, smart one.

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  • hstler1

    I agree 100% with you, How is it someone wishes to better their life by staying away from drugs that will shorten the life of artist? Like think about what your saying “hit a blunt and your music will be good” go listen to played out wiz khalifa tracks for that crap and take your narrow minded suggestions elsewhere. Why do drugs have to be involved for music to be good just goes to show how much pop/mainstream messes with the minds of people.

  • guest

    damn i wonder if they shot this after they broke up, must’ve put him in a weird place mentally

  • Wwooot

    Hope he gets clean from cigs next! Addiction.. beat it cud

  • Fgf

     Exactly.. he doesn’t need weed to be creative.. and he needs to be PRESENT for his children and his career. 


    My Muthafuckin Hero!!

  • Ueir10

    if cudi stopped weed for his children and to make a better example. i think thats great and all, but he shouldnt be smoking cigs either. i wouldnt want my kid to get second hand smoke or be smelling me like ass (cigs smell like shit)

  • youbom

    that is not a cig tard, look at the way it hits.

  • shitsandgiggles

    any true cudi fan would not dis any of his music and i hate when ppl use that gateway shit.doing coke is a personal decision.i personally like his music better now

  • Amhayes61

    it is.i saw him in cleveland 2 weeks ago and he opened that song by that name

  • Bmak

    Right? Trading weed for cigarettes is f*ckin retarded

  • Bmoney199515

    stupid ass!!!!

  • Bmoney199515

    That is a cigarette you ignorant peace of shit…

  • Dylan

    wiz khalifa’s actually good though

  • youbom

    Sorry I love you babe.  #ButItIsStillAJoint :)

  • theDOPENESS.

    why can’t I watch it?

  • James

    This aint twitter fool.

  • Daniel Aaiken

    Hey…. shut the fuck up. they smell great.

  • beefy bill

    if kid cudi read all the comments you fags posted, he would kill himself. just keep it real niggas

  • Swagtastic

    hey dumb ass you gotta click on it.

  • Wanglong01

    let the nigga do what he wants. he got more swag than anyone!

  • sleez

    all you niggas are gay

  • theDOPENESS.

    yo fuck you. it was saying that I didn’t have permission to watch it or some shit. eat a dick.

  • C Quintana1832

    I hate bandwagoners who only like the “old KiD CuDi”. Like, shutup. There’s no “new CuDI” or “old CuDi”. He has his own style of music. Different from any other genre. People hate on WZRD and say that they wish he made music like he used to. He’s exploring his talent and revolutionizing his own style. Let him do him. I personally love WZRD.

  • Penis


  • SparkleNShine

    Aww I wanted a video for “LOVE HARD”

  • Axeattack124

    Don’t give a fuck what Cudi does, if your s true Cudi fan you’ll like all his music, I reslly liked WZRD however Idnt think it waa his best work, think he is just experiencing and trying to find himself fuck you whoever say I want the “old cudi” or “new cudi” theres no such damn thing -_- fuccck

  • cud4life

    you’re all dumb fucks if you think any if your opinions matter or make a difference, he’s doing what he wants. real fans will listen, fake bitches won’t.

  • Austinluca

     you probably just became a fan then. who are you to judge what fans should or should not like. hardcore cudi fans have been listening while you were listening to kush n oj. I was one of those fans. And yes, his old stuff is a lot better than his new stuff. The meaning is deeper.

  • Nikko-Angelo Scola

    Its not dumbass

  • DatNiggaFromUpDaBlock

    Damn, Cudi’s label must really not like this album, barely promoting it, making a low amount of physical copies, giving these guys a low budget for their video. It’s almost like they didn’t want people to know about WZRD.

  • Luvmoni4


  • yep yeppers

    to certain people, weed is a “gateway” drug. when you lose a certain high from a certain drug, it might result for you to try to find the high elsewhere.

  • WZRDChiLLz

    A True Kid Cudi Fan^ its not about beng on T.V. all the time and trying to be on top its all about making good music that people should realize what Kid Cudi does and listen to his music its the best idc who’s the best rapper whoeva makes good music its good but no one can beat Kid Cudi at that and plus to much fame and attention is bad so its good he’s doing what he’s doing and let him live the way he wants to live. WZRD^ KID CUDI^

  • Mkaila

    when is this gonna be out?!

  • zach

    all the people who say he shouldnt smoke weed probly havent smoked weed lol i prefer him to smoke but kid cudis guna do wat he wants and we got no say on that so stop argueing plz

  • Khalil

    awesome haha way to much seriousness

  • Khalil

    We get it you are all better Cudi fans and drugs are bad congrats.

  • Vert

    It’s almost like they didn’t want people to know about WZRD.

    What an interesting thought…


  • Andrew

    damn i wonder if they shot this after they broke up, must’ve put him in a weird place mentally plagiarism checker to fight plagiarism