Kid Cudi Joins Instagram as “indicudominate”


Kid Cudi officially joined instagram yesterday under the username “indicudominate” and quickly proceed to share two photos of his travels. 

Cudi, who recently changed his twitter username to @ducidni, also has a tumblr (cudlife) which you can follow him on. Check out the other photos he posted above and make sure to follow his instagram.

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  • Man0nTheM00N

    Tight…Ima Follow And Is Cud Bout To Skydive Or Somethin’?

  • joebob

    da fuq happened to his twitter? hacked?

  • Cudder Life

    Not sure… but heres his new one!

  • Ian

    It’s now @ducidni (indicud backwards)

  • Kumar MrRager Jean

    its the same one- he just changed the name-i think to transition into his new album/phase

  • Cudder Life

    Your right, my bad


    My heart dropped when I saw him join. So happy now ^__^

  • jay

    I dont get it, whats the significance to this?

  • Ryan.

    cudder is a boss nigga

  • datnewnew

    what do his shoes say?

  • MC Rad

    Kurt Cobain lyric

  • hoagie

    it says “im not like them but i can pretend”. its lyrics from a nirvana song called “dumb” probably my favorite song by them too

  • Tnnrlmbrt231

    What kinda bag is that?


    We get to see more Cud, more often.. duhh. He’s really not the type of artist to stay in the spotlight. He makes hot jams and then releases it so having an IG gives his fans a chance to see him a lot more.

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