Earlier this month Cudi teased he was “shooting a film in September” and now we officially know what it is. “Tacoma”, a low-budget feature film directed by Stewart Thorndike, has cast Kid Cudi as one of the films main characters. 

The film started out as a Kick Starter campaign earlier this year in the hopes of raising enough money to start production. “Tacoma” is set to begin production in September on location in New York and Washington State for 6 weeks. 

Emmy Award winning actress Patricia Clarkson has been cast as Cynthia, the films main character, with Kid Cudi cast as Yanni, her lover. 

You can watch the pitch video for the film in our gallery (3rd slide)

Film Synopsis:

Laura is stuck in a dead-end real estate job in Tacoma, Washington where she lives and works with her domineering mother. Her one escape from their claustrophobic life together is a beginning modern dance class at the local community center. But when her dance teacher is brutally murdered in a short-sale scam gone bad, she doesn’t know who to trust. 

This isn’t the only film work Kid Cudi has been working on this year. Recently he has been spotted with actors Mark Webber and Adrian Grenier working on a new film that is currently in production. 

Source: Tacoma The Movie | IMDB