New Music: Hit-Boy Feat. Kid Cudi – Old School Caddy


Finally! After teasing the song on twitter for weeks and releasing a teaser trailer for the song, Hit-Boy has officially let go his collaboration with Kid Cudi. Titled “Old School Caddy”, the song is produced by Hit-Boy himself and it’s his second song as a rapper (Jay-Z Interview being the first). Listen and download the new track below.

Download: Old School Caddy (Feat. KiD CuDi)

Lyrics for Cudi’s verse:

Please, won’t you tell me who did it
The illest motherfucker, your friendly neighborhood menace
Promise I’ll be back, it’s a fact
And niggas who think that they nice ain’t gonna shine
Next to me cause my aura too bright
Do the fuckers sit on top, I’m knocking niggas off
No we won’t knock it off
It’s the price you pay to play hardball with a wizard
Niggas forced my hand, now I’d love to end these niggas
But my daughter got a father who is off his fucking rocker
Known around the globe as a stoner chief rocker
Range ripper, honest little motherfucker
In the SLS stuntin like a motherfucker
I tell the moon don’t fail me now
A nigga getting close to happy, I say
I tell my mom she raised a hell of a child
Four kids alone with no daddy
Real shit

Full song lyrics on Rap Genius

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  • Yamz

    He’s back! holy crap he’s awesome this track

  • hstler1


  • Jack Clancy

    finally here!!!

  • andrew

    wow.. dat was fast

  • Jack Clancy

    he is not fucking around. he knows what he had to do and he fuckin did it

  • Hasn Larsson

    man, cudi sounds weird on this track.. dope track though!

  • Kemt


  • KidCuDiWINS

    Hook is catchy!!!! Hit Boy is a good ass rapper though, and Cudi burning it down like always

  • Alvin Shanklin

    Cudi hasn’t fell off what-so-ever!!
    Cudder’s ruling the beat, Hit Boy rhymes great as well. This is dope. REPEAT!!

  • ric


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  • james

    cud is unstoppable

  • Ulan Myrzabekov

    Old school Cudi

  • BEazee

    Yes sir!

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  • Stefan Milton Willhight

    Hell Yeah Been Waiting For This To Drop. What Made it Better Is That It Dropped On My Birthday

  • anthony

    cudi’s part reminds me of his old shit like 08 stuff

  • RLO22


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  • apmescud9

    just wish cudi part was longer , but still dope AF .

  • Lwa_Kid

    nothing like an old school east coast beat plus DJ scratching..We Love Cudi

  • Adrian

    damn lovin this track super smooth! Also cudi never left yall.

  • Guellie

    Cudi killed it!

  • Cudder Life

    He never left ! This track is like the epitome of dopeness


    Good Vibe; thumbs up!

  • Nickolas fisher

    need me some indicudi pronto

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  • Allmithy Push

    CuDis part is the best :D

  • AmritaK47

    of course , never doubted cudi.

  • Mr. Rager

    I’m speechless… So Dope. Cudlife Niggaaaaa!!!

  • DatNiggaFromUpDaBlock

    Awwww, Cudi killed it!! The flow, the lyrics, it’s just so…so…*sniff* – What? No, I’m not crying, some dopeness flew in my eye

  • MK Ultra Recordings

    Seriously am I the only person who realizes that Cudi can’t and never could rap… Half of his verse doesn’t even rhyme and that’d be OK if he was goin for some avant-garde abstract shit where he was sayin something, but I mean Christ he says nothing… Couple that with an annoying voice and his “I just got out of a DeLorean” look and I really wonder how he has this many people fooled. Congrats to Hit-Boy on another awesome beat and verses… More of talented artists like him and less of frauds like Cudi…

  • newnewcudi


  • dboy

    Fucking sick

  • Gary Cobain Mescudi

    Go support the indicud official facebookk page

  • wizkid

    Get the fuck out.

  • G

    Cudi verse to you .
    Hey hater
    Sign language
    Middle finger
    Middle finger
    Let me tell you know
    GTFO from my fansite .

  • martin

    way to dope!!

  • gkr


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