Photos: Kid Cudi Performs at Rock The Bells 2012


Check out some pictures of Cudi’s performance above as he rocks the stage at the San Bernardino edition of Rock The Bells. If you missed it, you can watch him perform “Just What Iam” and “Old School Caddy” live for the first time ever.

Photos via: John Valenzuela/SB Sun

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  • Angelina Paola Spencer

    I was there, I was there, I was THERE!!!

  • Adrian Jackson

    Lucky i need to move out there all Cudi’s concerts are out there along w/ everyone else.

  • james

    hey @DP do you think it would be possible to make an iPhone wallpaper out of image 7, the one with kid cudi over his head. if so that’d be amazing!

  • Jeremy

    What Sneakers he wearing ? black cements ?

  • JamWorthy

    I was there too! I was sitting terrified on the ferris wheel while he was doing Pursuit of Happiness and it was comforting to pretend he was there with me while he sang “if i fall, if i die, know i lived it to the fullest”. Because if I’m gonna die on a ferris wheel, I’m gonna do it to THAT song.

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    Love all these photos, Cudi rocks my world.

  • Brendan

    Jordan 3 Stealths