New Music: Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Produced by Kid Cudi) + Lyrics

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You won’t be waiting much longer. After previewing the song on Youtube, Kid Cudi has let go the full version of his newest song “King Wizard” via Complex. Produced by Cudi, the track is the second single from his upcoming “Indicud” album. Listen and download below. 

Download: Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Produced by Kid Cudi)

iTunes: Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – Just What I Am
Amazon: Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – Just What I Am


Read the full lyrcis right here.

[Verse 1]
You love that little bit of new, now throwback
Cleveland City snakeskin snapback
Niggas know that uniform, keep the brim low
You doubt him, don’t know a damn thing bout him
What is hip hop without him,
y’all niggas just really don’t know
Go, All day every day, hold on with all might
I gave the world my heart and they gave the kids insight
Yup, now fuck you I ain’t left
I’m outta my mind like all the time
And a nigga ain’t missed one step

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  • joe

    RUMOR HAS IT,he is callabing with lupe fiasco!!

  • joe

    100th comment

  • joe


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  • joe

    your gay

  • joe

    i like eggs

  • Truth

    Cudi is not back nor will he ever be, the music he made pre WZRD was the pure emotion and experience that he was going through at the time; confusion, uncertainty, the willingness to go a different route. His music will never be same, the days of listening to cudder for the lyrics are long gone

  • Alexander Towery

    Where you hear that?

  • Alexander Towery

    Nice convo wit yourself haha.

  • spazznoutty

    I swear I’m buying 6 Fucking albums when this shit drop and putting niggas on game that’s been on tht bullshit!

  • crich

    Cudi is an amateur guitar player. Synthesized(fake) drums and mediocre guitar does not constitute a good album. While the lyrics and meanings were ok, the music was lacking. Cudi should have went all the way into rock and not half-assed for a lack of a better word

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