Work on Indicud continues, check out a few more photos of the duo in action in the studio working away on Kid Cudi’s next album.

  • Jon

    Sweet kicks…

  • Ferhat from Turkey

    Do anybody know the name off these shoes? :)

  • Trent

    They look like Jordan 8 “Aqua”

  • AIM

    liking them aquas
    releasing next year
    cant wait for them

  • zach

    no offense but id rather hear beats made in the studio rather than cudi on the guitar i still liked wzrd but computer beats are better with cudis music to me


    Genius in the making!

  • Joseph Johnson

    My nigga got those Jordans!

  • myqcholich

    i kno this is off topic but i saw the soundtrack tracklist for cruel summer movie and saw one cudi song titled “no one” … wondering if thats the song that they put in the cruel summer snippet awhile back…also wondering i anyone knows when they gonna release the fuckin movie

  • The Og Rager

    guys the shoe are called aqua 8s there very hard to find though :(

  • bhick

    what kind of glasses??

  • V

    CUDI WHEN ARE YOU GIVING US INDICUD!??! I can’t wait any longer Scott. fuck the bullshit.

  • Niko Bushinski

    YESSS!! KING WIZARD. KING CHIP. it may have been a ‘CRUEL SUMMER’ but its going to be a ‘SAVAGE FALL’