The music video for Just What I Am”, the first single from Kid Cudi’s upcoming “Indicud” album, is finally here after a bit of delay. After filming in LA with fans who were invited on set to participate in September, the Kid Cudi directed music video featuring King Chip just premiered on VEVO.

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  • Will Kill Cops 4 Bud

    you can tell him an chip was hella feeling theis, when they were shooting ! CUDi halfdoes nothing alllll the wayy turned up !!!!!


    0:42 skull&bones symbolism/skull over kings face, 0:44 goats head skull,0:55 satan/evil/burning bush reference, 1:10 skull again, 1:18 a black circle/black sun/pagan symbolism, 1:31 skull on cudi, 2:40 outline of a man in a white robe over cudi, 2:47 pyramid/all seeing eye, 3:33 skull, “we see all”, then all seeing eye

  • Adrian

    Remember when cudi said he wanted his fans in this video? Well I went to the shooting of this video and spent basically all day shooting scenes that never came out in the video ! I spent all day there literally and I don’t come out in this video, however it was still a dope ass experience being right next to cudi, chip, dot, Steve aoki, Mac miller

  • Adrian

    Since I was at the actual video shoot for this I can say I’m a bit disappointed with it

  • rob

    The pyramids and the Eye of Ra I could ignore, but am the only one who saw that 666 on 1:47?

  • James

    there’s actually like 4 i saw. theres a skull, an eye, the all seeing eye, then the number 9 saying “we see all” here’s the pics

  • ReginaCeline

    aaand the head with horns3:37! and the egyptian eye of Ra 3:39!

  • ReginaCeline

    1:31 Cudi’s face turns into a skeleton!

  • ReginaCeline

    pyramid 3:36 1:19 2:33 2:27 head with horns 3:37 0:43 2:40 Eye of Ra 3:39 2:29 in background

  • Danny Martinez

    A joke? And if the reason is so blatant what is it?

  • That dude

    Anyone else see all that weird shit on those black flashing screens… Skulls creepy eyes and “we see all” ect. from 3:30 to 3:40

  • jamie johnson

    Its cool to see cudi and chip are still boys after all this time.

  • Dilan

    it also flashes 666 at 1:48 of the vid

  • Dilan

    I really hope its just a warning as some are saying. I really love cudi and i hope indicud aint bout dat life

  • Brian Johnson ✈

    “Ain’t no such thing as satan, evil is what you make it” <–Line from the song. He clearly put all those symbols to trip y'all out and mess around.

  • Odish

    What about 2:46-2:47 ??? split second Eye of god

  • Juliobussone

    Ok cudi wrote his songs with emotion and powerful meaning to em to help change pols lives and how they view themselfs but what of he said to watch this video on shrooms and acid to subliminally trick you into things! I now it’s sounds like ima freak but their where studies on songs like acdc and how some subliminal messages made you wanna do things and what if this video was used as a brain washing item! Question everything. I may have a wild imagination but iv been thinking this way since I was a kid. And sometimes I have dreams and a feeling I’m sopposed to do something big in life but I’m not sopposed to no yet and maybe that’s why I’m tryen to live my life to the fulliest now. I’m 16 and no one fully understands my head please help jajaja I’m serious tho. M tryen to no if it’s jux all in my head or if I’m ment for somethen. Names Julio. Julio bussone

  • Juliobussone

    But love cudi and his dope shit but this jux make me question wats really in his head

  • cdrama

    I noticed it.. IT was a quick Flash!