Kid Cudi was in attendance at last weeks Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show joining “Two Night Stand” co-star Jessica Szohr at the event. Check out some photos of Cudi on the pink carpet and at the event in the gallery above.

  • Nick

    cudi’s looking more like a grown man nowadays

  • Isaac

    ^^^^Agreed. He’s loookin fresh as hell. He fits the persona of an Actor pretty good now too.

  • s

    wow who else remembers cudi’s style back in 2007 .. still dope

  • elephantcock

    simple fashion at a fashion show… haha looks like something i may wear to school. thats why i love the dude

  • Matt Najarian

    hahaha, I just went though my closet to see if I had that jacket

  • eddie

    Albert Hammond Jr. and Scott need to make some good Jams together

  • Joseph Johnson

    Wow, Cudi looking a little fat in the face there. He really needs to lay off of the Chinese food.

  • Rob

    I will now look at him as a man named Scott, not a Kid named Cudi

  • AusRager

    Thats the guy from Kings of Leon on the far right of the first pic isn’t it??

  • jr

    albert and that nigga cud need to link up and make sum magic. realtalk

  • Jose Castillo

    i know!!!!

  • Starr

    Cud’s been saying he wanted to gain a few pounds, he’s always been a skinny dude!

  • Flo

    What type if jacket is that? i always wanted a type of jacket like that and that color. If anyone knows where i can find one or know what its called it would be appreciated

  • Joshua Dacoldbloodedkilla Came

    Scott should do another song wit Travis Barker