While Kid Cudi was on the pink carpet for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a reporter asked Cudi about Rihanna and he said that he recently made a song with her. The collaboration resulted from a last minute request from Rihanna, although Cudi is not listed to appear on her new album coming out next week, so it is unknown what project this song is a part of. Read below for the exact quote from Cudi and a video of the interview.

Update: Cudi clarified on Twitter that his version of the song will not be coming out. Eminem takes his place instead, so presumably the song is “Numb” off of Rihanna’s Unapologetic. Cudi’s explanation can be read below.

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[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/ducidni/status/269948636698398720″]

“We actually just did a record. Yeah like the other day. It was like last minute she hit me up she’s like ‘Yo I need this record can you hold me down’, I said ‘No problem’. We’re homies we go back from you know working with Kanye and stuff.”

Source: https://twitter.com/LeeviXX/status/269216283097182211

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    Hope its on Indicud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or should be on her album !!!!!!!!!!!

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    dont give a fuck about rihanna

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    i dont give a fuck

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    Cud is god, ho!

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    Hopefully we will get an unoffical release of the Cudi version. If for no other reason than to let the Cudi fans have a listen.

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    Hahah she decided to take it with Eminem

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    Eminem is getting old his shit isn’t even fresh anymore every damn song sounds the same…………cud is the shit though he experiments and still sounds dope as fuck