Kid Cudi is confident he has got something special with Indicud, and he continues to show us that with more and more glimpses on what his next album will hold.

Cudi most recently announced that Common will appear on a track produced by 88 Keys and Dot Da Genius, and that Kendrick Lamar will appear on “Solo Dolo Part II” which is produced by Kid Cudi. Get excited, we are.

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  • Mojosodopee

    What If the song produced by 88 keys was this? That would be so dope

  • CK

    Just enjoy that clip for what it is.. Indicud will have stuff that relates to Cudi’s current mindstate..

  • ThatKiD

    My 2 favorite rappers on 1 song. Hell yes.


    Glad I woke up to this Great News!

  • fernandez1442

    FUK YEA!!!!

  • Tdog

    solo dolo pt II offically confirms this album to be dope as fuckkkkkkk

  • CHAD

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!

  • Yes

    holy shit, im so excited!

  • Cudifan

    Best album of the year can’t wait

  • yeekoslovia

    holy fuckin shit balls

  • Victor Moraes

    Solo Dolo pt 2 ? ? ? Kid Cudi you wanna be legendary ? shit… this album gonna be dope as fuck !

  • Nick Poe

    Solo Dolo Part 2 featuring Kendrick Lamar? There’s no way that song is not going to blow my mind!

  • Areli Luna

    Fuck yeaa! Can’t wait for the ablum to drop!

  • Rois Perez

    this’ll be the greatest album ever man..

  • bobthestoner

    Balls in my teeth!! holy shit ! dope!

  • Lexx

    Noooooooo it should only be kid cudi on a song like that! What if it was Mr.Rager 2 featuring somebody…That wouldn’t be right…

  • Bryce Archer

    Wheres Enter galactic love connect pt 2??

  • Alphonso Steward III

    I didn’t even kno it was a whole album…..I think i just cried a tear of joy, either that or it’s raining in my house