Kid Cudi set out to release Indicud with the ambitious goal of it being completed by the end of 2012, which would have given him his second major label release this year. Since his original announcement of the album in June plenty of news and bits of information have trickled our way via his twitter. It’s now time to make sense of it all with the album due out in the coming months.

We’ve collected everything related to the album and broken it down for you from album features, production, expected release date, rumors, and more.  Hit the gallery above to take in everything that we know about Indicud.

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Release Date

The question everyone wants answered, when is the album being released? While there has been no concrete date announced yet, Cudi has been working hard on the album this year and is looking to release it as soon as possible. With the original end of 2012 date no longer in play, you can expect a release date in the first part of 2013 similar to when WZRD was released.

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This isn’t the first time a Kid Cudi album was going to be heavy with features from other artists. After his first album had minimal features, Cudi set out to release an album with plenty of collaborations titled “Cudder”. The album ultimately went in another direction with the release of Man on The Moon II, which again was minimal on features.

This time around Cudi has announced an all star roster of features for Indicud and from the get go his intent was to work with various people in different roles. Keep reading onto the next slide to learn about all the albums expected features and collaborations.

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Confirmed Features - Kendrick Lamar

One of the biggest rap album releases of this year came from Kendrick Lamar with Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. The Compton MC has been confirmed by Cudi to be on Indicud on the song titled “Solo Dolo Part. 2″ with production handled by Cudi himself.

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It’s no surprise GOOD Music is set to find itself on Kid Cudi’s next rap effort. Common narrated Cudi’s first album MOTM along with a feature on its second single “Make Her Say”. Produced by 88-Keys and Dot Da Genius, Common is set to appear on a currently untitled track for Indicud.

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Kanye West

G.O.O.D Music leader Kanye West is expected to be on the album after Cudi tweeted a laundry list of features for Indicud earlier this year. No new information has come forward on Kanye’s involvement with the album but its not a guaranteed one. Make Her Say and Erase Me are the only album featured songs released by Cudi with Kanye on it and Wild’n Cuz I’m Young, after leaking early, saw Kanye’s verse cut in favor of a third verse from Cudi.

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King Chip

Long time friend and collaborator, King Chip, is already featured on the albums lead single “Just What I Am” after having been featured on both of Cudi’s previous rap albums MOTM AND MOTM 2. Will Chip score a second feature? Possible but only time will tell.

Pusha T

Fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T is expected to join Kid Cudi on a track titled “Vortex”. Not much information has come out about this song but if Pusha T’s hype about it says anything it’s going to be a good one.

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Jaden Smith

Kid Cudi’s been no stranger to supporting Jaden Smith and his music the past year and there have been reports of the two in the studio countless times so it’s no surprise a feature from Jaden is expected on Indicud. Since Cudi’s initial announcement of his feature earlier this year no new information has come forward.

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Possible Features - J. Cole

J. Cole and Kid Cudi have never, as far as the public knows, been in the studio together. That all changed in early October when Cudi tweeted he was heading to the studio to work with Cole. What came out of that studio session is unknown but with both artists expected to release albums in the early portion of 2013 it could end up on either project.

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A$AP Rocky

There’s been no word from Kid Cudi if he actually got in the studio with A$AP Rocky but the intention is there and adding Rocky to an already stacked roster of features would be welcome.

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Other Features

Kendrick Lamar, Common, King Chip, Kanye West, Pusha T, Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, RATATAT, are all names that have been thrown around the past few months when it comes to Kid Cudi and Indicud. What else can we expect? It looks like we can something from Cage and possibly Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks is possible if everything went to plan. [blackbirdpie url=”″]

Just What I Am

The first official single from Indicud, Just What I Am, made its impact on the billboard and rap charts with its release in October debuting at #13. It’s also the first song in a long line from the upcoming album that will be produced by Kid Cudi himself. Most recently Cudi released the music video for the single while making his directorial debut as he invited fans out to participate in the videos shoot in LA.

King Wizard

Kid Cudi first teased King Wizard over YouTube but later followed up with its free release. Produced by Cudi once again, the song will not serve as a single for the album but it will be getting a music video as Cudi announced that its already been shot and edited with its release pending.

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With the albums release expected in the first quarter of 2013 the albums going to need a second single to keep its momentum going and that’s exactly what’s planned. Immortal, produced by Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius, is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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Album Length

Kid Cudi originally announced that the album would be a double disc, since then it seems like things have been scaled down but not by too much. Cudi took to twitter to say the album will be a maximum of 17 new songs, likely giving him his longest album to date. Songs are sure to hit the cutting room floor in the coming months but one thing is for sure, this won’t be a short 11 track album.

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Kid Cudi Production

The first thing you will notice with Indicud is that Kid Cudi has taken on a large part of the albums production. From the first two songs already released, Just What I Am & King Wizard, the rest of the album is set to follow the same direction with a majority of the production handled by Kid Cudi.

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Dot Da Genius

From A Kid Named Cudi to WZRD, Dot Da Genius and Kid Cudi have constantly been working together. Dot’s involvement in this album hasn’t been as public as some of the other artists but you can be sure he’s been in the studio with Cudi the past year working with him on Indicud. So far Dot’s expected to contribute production to multiple songs on the album including the upcoming singe “Immortal”.

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Kid Cudi promised their would be Ratatat jams on Indicud and he followed up that promise with a lot of excitement. Assuming everything pans out, this would be the first Kid Cudi x Ratatat collaboration since “Alive” and “Pursuit of Happiness” from Cudi’s debut album in 2009. We’re especially looking forward to this one.

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88-Keys and Kid Cudi go way back to when Cudi was featured on 88-Keys album “The Death of Adam” in 2008. Since then, nothing new has come from 88 and Cudi but thats all changed with Indicud. The two have been in the studio together along with Dot Da Genius to work on various tracks including the confirmed collaboration with Common.

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Excited Yet?

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How about now? Kid Cudi’s 10 best tweets about INDICUD.

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