Gallery: The 10 Best GIF’s From The “Just What I Am” Music Video


Kid Cudi’s directorial debut came in the form of the music video for his first Indicud single “Just What I Am”. It’s a trippy video with Cudi saying it “was designed to be watched on acid and/or shrooms” so we’ve put together 10 of the best GIF’s from the new video. 

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The Just What I Am video was designed to be watched on acid and/or shrooms. try it out!!! take the trip!!!
Scott Mescudi

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  • MR. Solo dolo oh oh oh oh

    cudi why dont you start rapping about the problems in the world and expose truths if you’re brave enough to expose that the illuminati is real, i mean come on, the dude that signed you says he knows nothing about it, why would you portray it in music videos if it wasnt real, because youre the realest artist out there and you can tell by your music and how you hesitate to just hop on anything that has to do with evil, i think you could step it up a notch, here we be for the revolution, love you cudder, your words will change the world some day !

  • yourdumb

    Dude your a retard cudi’s not gonna spend his time with that dumb illuminati shit, he’s telling his story not ur story, or the illuminati plan or conspiracy. If he was rapping about world problems he should prolly rap about how mitt romney and obama are the exactly the same (corporate whores, pro-interventionists, against personal liberty, anti-gay rights, anti- legalization of weed, tyrants) but scott keep doing your thing bruh

  • Matt Najarian

    If he does, they might kill him, don’t want Cudi to die :(


    Is just me or do you find it not OK that cudi is promoting drug use, weed is one thing, but acid and shrooms is too far, those are extremely dangerous drugs.

  • Logan

    That is such a sad thing to hear. You are going to ruin your taste in music because one of the best artists in the world isn’t rapping about the problems of the world. Cudi freakin hates this world, the world is a terrible place. He makes his music for him not his fans. He has said this plenty. Nobody wants to hear about the problems of the world anymore it’s depressing and Cudi only wants to spread good vibes. He is an artist, not a pawn for propaganda. Respect his art because it’s not tainted. I hope you think before you speak next time and in the words of Cudder, Dream on Good………….

  • 2.7.5 MIMZ

    So proud to see this. I’m a fan of anything Cud does. #CudLyfe

  • YoMomma

    stop being a lil bitch.

  • Mars

    I love how cudi’s fans can get mad at eachother but nobody messes with Cudi, Love you Cudder

  • Albadelic

    if you werent such an idiot and actually did research and not just listen to media and friends, you would know that shrooms are the least bad “drug” for you on the planet. Ive done plenty of research on them. Acid isnt that bad either. better for you than alcohol and tabacco. stop being ignorant and read a book.

  • s

    even though cudi makes music for him i can always relate to it somehow ..

  • XtheHandofFate

    Thats obviously an uneducated statement Ive done both numerous times and I am actually a functioning member of society. The very first thing I said when I saw this video was “Thats what it looks like when Im on Acid” If it was dangerous Cudi wouldnt suggest it at all

  • Santana

    was it mensioned that the teleport 2 me video was out? just wondering

  • Vortex

    Homie have you listened to cudi reference shrooms before? Enter Galactic? Soundtrack 2 My Life? Drugs were a part of Cudi’s life, and they’re part of a lot of people’s lives. Accept it. Acid and Shrooms are both awesome doe, and you should try them. then laugh at what you just said.

  • Sean

    stay high, and fuck dem lows :)

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