Kid Cudi Provides Updates on Indicud Release, Immortal Single, King Wizard Music Video


In typical Cudi fashion this year he’s taken to twitter again to update everyone on what’s to come for Indicud including it’s pending release, the upcoming single “Immortal” and the “King Wizard” music video.

In a wise move, Kid Cudi is withholding an exact release date for Indicud so that there is no push backs on the albu. Something both his previous rap efforts we’re hit by being delayed over a month each. When’s he’s got a concrete date he intends to share it so stay tuned.

As far as Immortal, the expected end of November release date is no more. “King Wizard” will serve as the official second single for “Indicud” with it releasing on iTunes Dec. 18 and the music video on VEVO the same day. “Immortal” is set to follow in the new year to continue the push towards the release of Indicud.

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  • Scott

    Of course he can’t release anything when he said he would

  • lahlo

    ok im just let shit come when it comes. but what about the bape stuff he is gonna sell on ebay i want that stuff

  • mike

    sweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. wtf

  • myqcholich

    its december 18

  • ZACH


  • Gabe Ristow

    He’s been going through some shit man, as long as he releases a single here and there that aren’t going to be on the album I’m fine with that.

  • chris100

    like always cant never keep word :/ smh.

  • Joseph Johnson

    Damn Cudi you really gonna make us wait….

  • sasas


  • Ryan Turner

    unlike all these other guys I don’t care when it’s gonna be released as long as you keep doing what your doing and releasing hits that really connect with the fans. I’m still good with listening to MOTM and MOTM II, this shit will never get old for as long as i get goose bumps when ever i hear a cudi record! Indicud is gonna be massive!!!

  • s

    wow wtf ..

  • lifzsoundz

    Kid cudi Is the the truth a musical genius at that everyone get off the niggas back shit !!!!

  • Nigel ‘SoRaw Nyathi

    Check this video out…its not cudi and its sounds nothing like him but i think yall would appreciate it cause my homie and I put quite a bit of effort into it critism needed

  • MarcFrid

    couldn’t of said it better myself. True cudi fans never get tired on MOTM and MOTM II

  • Scott

    He has delayed motm2 WZRD and now Indicud.
    He needs to figure when shits gonna be done before he gets our hopes up. He also said Vortex would be coming soon and I think everyone was stoked for immortal. Don’t get me wrong I have probably listened to more cudi than most people on this sight, but I’m just slightly annoyed.


    he never set a release date for indicud you cunt. fake ass fan, always demanding shit from the dude who’s all about his fans. fuck outta here.

  • Selina MoonGoddess Johnson

    True art has no deadline. ;)

  • James

    Love Cudi’s music but he is the worst at releasing stuff when he says..

  • Shua The Godfatha

    cannot really delay something that doesn’t have a release date. Lay off the down syndrome bro

  • Shua The Godfatha

    next year being like a 2 weeks away next year ? What is with all the menopausal responses on this thread, jesus christ

  • Shua The Godfatha

    you probably download all his shit anyway.

  • Jack Clancy

    Not to sound like another dick preaching about being a “real fan”, but if you’re a Cudi fan you should be used to this.


    everyone bitching shut up and go get jiggy with motm agian!!!!

  • Teleport2MeMOTMIII

    He posted that 17 days ago…. what is with the grave digging? you little fucking kiss ass.

  • Teleport2MeMOTMIII

    Right? I was so waiting on that before i cop’d my own.

  • Scott

    Go fuck yourself bitch. I promise I appreciate cudi more than you. Cudi did say it would be released in 2012 then around the same time as WZRD last year now in march. You confused faggot bitches need to realize who the real fans are just cause your more patient dont mean shit. You don’t even realize your level of ignorance you slutty cunt. Go listen to tyga you morally challenged fuck. Btw KINDWZRD is a shitty name for you you poser faggot.
    Don’t challenge my cudi addiction. The ignorance of you “fans” is amusing.

  • Dalton Adams has it already released its a tight song. :)

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