In typical Cudi fashion this year he’s taken to twitter again to update everyone on what’s to come for Indicud including it’s pending release, the upcoming single “Immortal” and the “King Wizard” music video.

In a wise move, Kid Cudi is withholding an exact release date for Indicud so that there is no push backs on the albu. Something both his previous rap efforts we’re hit by being delayed over a month each. When’s he’s got a concrete date he intends to share it so stay tuned.

As far as Immortal, the expected end of November release date is no more. “King Wizard” will serve as the official second single for “Indicud” with it releasing on iTunes Dec. 18 and the music video on VEVO the same day. “Immortal” is set to follow in the new year to continue the push towards the release of Indicud.

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