Kid Cudi Says He Remade “Party All The Time”, Listen to the Original


Kid Cudi made his mark in with Day ‘n’ Nite in February of 2008 which went on to go double platinum. But that’s not where it all started for Cudi, his recording ambitions go as far back as 2003 when he was 19 years old. 

Last November a “Rap Hard” mixtape was leaked and upload to the net that contained a dozen old recordings when Cudi used to go by “Kid Mescudi” in the early 2000’s. Now it looks like Cudi’s went back to one of those songs and remade the beat.

I remade the Party All The Time beat from my Rap Hard demo tape. I made that beat back in 03. I was 19. Almost 10 years later.
Scott Mescudi

The song in question is titled “Party all the Time”, take a listen to it below.

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Cudi says he plans to release the new version when it’s done which might include new lyrics. Will it end up on Indicud? Probably not, especially considering that Bob Dylan would have to clear a sample for that to happen.

Any way, im not sure ima remake it entirely lyrics wise or come up w a brand new idea, but ill put it out when jts done.
Scott Mescudi
Hopefully Bob Dylan will clear the sample!! Doesnt seem like I got a shot in hell but, we'll see!
Scott Mescudi

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  • Germ rager

    Party all the time is one of my favorite songs ever by cudi!

  • Aaron

    why do none of the songs you guys post never work for my computer besides the ones that come from Soundcloud?

  • Chris Banks

    Anyone know the actual Bob Dylan sample

  • s

    pimpin was my fav off the mixtape.

  • Nigel ‘SoRaw Nyathi

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  • lahlo

    if re did that whole mixtape shit would be legit. because pimpin pushing and niggas back party all the time and shed some light and im not the average are all my faves

  • Robert Robi Arellano


  • islandkid

    re-make im not the average

  • 2.7.5 MIMZ

    This & Im not the average were my slap back in his demo days. Cant wait to here this.

  • GKR

    rainy days helps my when down, just like most of his music nowadays, i love him and i love his talent

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