just published their list of “25 Rap Albums From the Past Decade That Deserve Classic Status” and one of them Was Kid Cudi’s sophomore effort “Man on the Moon II”. I’m sure some would argue in favor of Cudi’s debut but here’s what Complex had to say about the album.

Cudi’s ambitious five act structure actually works here, with a second attempt at narrative-driven sequencing that comes across as more effective and convincing. Reviews of the album were all over the place, from lauded to panned, and it only makes sense. Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager is a difficult, distorted look into the twisted mind of Scott Mescudi. The people who relate turned this album into a cult classic, and the people who don’t only heightened the misunderstood aura that surrounds this album’s legend.

Do you agree? Would you give classic status to Man on the Moon: The End of Day instead? Let us know in the comments.

  • KiDFraser

    Yes I Would It Might Not Appeal To Everyone But If You Know Real Music An Feel It In Your Soul You Know This Album Is An Always Will Be A Classic !

  • Kiana H.

    Of course

  • Russell Oliver

    “What up? How is everyone doing?
    You are now in the World I am ruling
    Take a minute to adjust for t he wondrous
    Cluster fuck of fun and enchantment “

  • Russell Oliver


  • Jnewkirk

    Man on the moon 2 may not be as “popular” or have as many “hits” as MOTM1 but musically it is far superior no questions asked>

  • Dylan

    Definitely a better album, but i have to admit MOTM 1 would go down for a more classic album for cud

  • Mathias

    The first album was more like an introduction to his sound, style and everything. MOTM II is the same only perfected. Even though I love both, after spending a bunch of classes analyzing the albums, I realized that the second album is his masterpiece both when it comes to the theme, the lyricism and the production. Classic all the wayyy

  • fan

    i knew that already

  • Jtanasi

    I like man on the moon 2 better also but I do admit man on The moon one had the best lyrics songs like sound track 2 my life and cudi zone I hope cudi try’s that man on the moon one flow agajn

  • Cudi4Life

    So I guess the first Man on the MOon deserves dopest album of all time.

  • Word

    Honestly Complex rides Cudi’s dick so much that its hard to take these things seriously anymore, dope album though

  • canIbeyourcudderlover

    damn complex, you be twerkin on Cudis dick every damn issue. cant take you seriously anymore, and personally I thought the first album was way better in every way imaginable, but loved both for different reasons

  • D

    this is the best comment on here. totally sums up what i was thinking

  • sabastian


  • s

    Man i can relate to both MOTM 1 and 2… damn the whole album just puts you in a different mood ..

  • Brooklyn success

    Honestly I think Man on the moon 1 showed his whole realness and man on the moon two was more of his leftovers. MOM II had some awesome songs but it didn’t really have as much purpose as his first album. If you a wee head or pot head, crack head, hippie head or what ever head then you prob liked MOM II. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Rager, Revofev and some other songs were awesome but Man on the moon 1, made him seen as a artist in my perspective.

  • redeye-jedi420

    i think all 3 albums so far are pre dope, they are all classics 2 me. Even tho wen wzrd was coming out i didnt think it would b as good bcuz of the change of music and his personal goal going on thought it would b wrse, but it aint to bad way better then expected, you can still smoke dope to it #r3D3y3~J3d!