Music Video: Kid Cudi – King Wizard


With the newest Indicud single hitting iTunes last night in the form of King Wizard, the music video was set to follow today. The Kid Cudi directed video just premiered on VEVO  so hit the jump, click play and enjoy Cudi’s latest visual.

Buy on iTunes: Kid Cudi – King Wizard

Music Video: Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – Just What I Am

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  • Ben


  • Supers4upen

    Nice one! King Wizard

  • Scocco


  • jay

    That frame is an eyesore.

  • LB


  • cudddder

    i haaate germany :( all the good videos are blocked from “gema”

  • Jordan

    This was underwhelming. Sighs.

  • Krisco

    Loving the new music. But these videos remind me of ones I made on a whim in highschool with no budget. I believe mine to be more interesting…

  • Taylor Cash

    I love it! Just seeing cudi jam out to his own song. :) amazing!

  • mark wullschleger

    All I got to say is wow..I will never lose respect for u cudi no matter what..always doing u it seems..ready for the album!

  • Wizard

    jaaa man das langweilt voll.



  • Coub

    Right, because you could put together a video like Just What I Am… And did you even listen to the fucking lyrics in this song man? Wake the fuck up dude. Do you see any other artist doing the shit Cudder is doing?

  • Man0nTh3M00n420

    Fuck anyone who hates on this video. Just because he’s not getting bitches in the video or having alcohol at some random party in the background doesn’t mean it’s not a dope video. It’s FUCKING SICK just a man and his thoughts spitting a whole song by himself. All hail King Wizard yo.

  • Leexi

    i love cudi and i will always be a fan of his shit, but like the video is good i guess but it has low quallity and only one shot i mean he can at least try to make it look decent

  • tristan

    it was made to be simple!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cudi

    dude this isn’t impressive you can’t just blindly follow Cudi even though he’s great

  • jtanasi12

    Lmao dude its really not that hard to make a video like this honestly i know some local people who can make better vids.

  • Name…?

    I think that cudi made this for his massive cult following (us) with no intention of impressing anyone. I think he pushed back indicud for good reason and released this to hold us over for the time being, which it should…you greedy bastards.

  • Anthoni

    His videos used to be sooooooo good what happened? But the music is still amazing :D

  • StonerApe

    I was waiting for this nigga to do some magic for the entire music video.

  • chingas72

    wow that was a waste of my time. He should have never made this video. Song still dope!

  • britchick91

    I like the song but was there any point to releasing this video?

  • TheRealArturo

    for all you dudes complaining about the video, cudi directed the video himself, he is taking charge of the visionary aspect of his music and the frame is part of what he wants you to percieve him through as you watch, it’s not like he’s tryin to fuck with you, it all has meaning -.-

  • AJT

    Go watch the Megaforce version of the Pursuit of Happiness video or even the old ass Day ‘n’ Nite video and tell me this video even comes close. If Cudi’s so into filmmaking he should be able to see how bad his last two videos were…

  • Juan Flores

    Cudi’s dance moves are the best thing this video has to offer. Obviously the song is dope too.

  • Joseph Johnson

    When I saw the “Just What Iam” video I thought Cudi was on his way to being a great video director. Then
    I see this garbage ass video and think he has smoked himself half
    retarded kind of like Snoop Dogg, or should I say Snoop Lion…

  • BosMaSwaG617

    I’m going to need Cudi to get back to whatever the f*@k it was he was on when he made MOTM I&II because unlike “so-called” die-hard fans, I can’t take this sh!t anymore. KCudders has always been unique and dope at it but i’m over all this extreme sh!t. After he’s done venturing with the rock and Indy sh!t, I think we’re owed some MOTM type flow. Until then, I’ll keep MOTM I&II on repeat as it has been for the last few years now.

  • Coub

    Visually, this video isn’t stunning. That’s because it isn’t meant to be. Just What I am was for that and it did its job very well. But in this videos simplicity, it is profound. When you watch this its just you and Cudder; shit doesn’t need to be flashy to be real. The lyrics are what is profound about King Wizard, and Cudi clearly just wanted to get that through to everyone here. However you completely missed the fucking point of the song.

  • Brandon

    doesnt do the song justice

  • Scott

    No fuck you go watch pursuit of happiness video. No bitches or alcohol. Just cudi and a spilled glass of milk. This video blows.

  • Man0nTh3M00N420

    Dude you can suck my dick there’s two videos for Pursuit of Happiness bitch. A mainstream video and then his version cock sucking piece of shit no life motherfucker go die and listen to dedication 4 pussy.

  • rael

    We all know what Cudi’s capable of, the song is awesome and his other music videos are awesome, but this was below the standard that we hold him to for music videos. Don’t get mad, it makes you seem ignorant.

  • Scott

    Ha someone gets buthurt to easy, was that your whole vocabulary? I listen to more cudi than you so go fuck your self.

  • Coub

    I really don’t care what you think of me, as I am just a fan following Scott like everyone else here. But, yes it angers me when people ignorantly judge this video based off of his other work when it is meant to be simplistic and personal and stand alone. It wasn’t ever a video meant to win awards, and he didn’t have to make the video at all. You should be happy with what you get and I look for the good in the video. Expectations are resentments waiting to happen, and you’re only keeping yourself from enjoying the video by having high expectations for it. This is the same reason so many didn’t enjoy WZRD’s debut album.

  • young caesar

    yall are fucking dumb. the songs about him not giving a shit what people think. hes proving a point that he can put out a simple ass video that took a few hours of his time and little effort and he’s still more successful than any of us

  • Dylvester

    feel free to speak your opinions but i think cud himself would be disappointed with how ya’ll are trashin eachother. you don’t gotta like it but don’t call someone a fag cause they have a different opinion than you, regardlesss of who “listens to more” cudi than eachother. damn.

  • David

    I know exactly what cudi’s doing music videos these days arent like they use to be they show and represent stuff that can make a judgement on an artist cudi wants to be simple and pure to show that it don’t matter what the video is about he just cares about the music he’s putting out. The game is crucial and he’s the wzrd. With a vid so plain. The game can’t tweak things to show so much of there symbolism . His music says it all

  • Andrew

    your being an asshole dude, obviously Kid Cudi can make a music video that is better then your “local” shit, that’s not the point, that’s what everyones saying this video is about the lyrics it’s not supposed to be all fancy, i respect him for having that much confidence in his lyrics, not many rappers do that these days.. point is your judging the video on all the wrong things.



  • Asshole

    No a video should be creatitive and immersive not jus watching someone rap there lyrics. If you like this then I’m happy for you. Sincerely, asshole

  • Asshole2

    Why did you quote local lmao

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