Photos: Kid Cudi’s 20 Best Instagram Photos from December


The year is coming to a close so we bring you one final update from Kid Cudi’s instagram. As usual, here are some of the best photos Cudi uploaded in Decemeber including some cool shots of the jacket he wore in the Mr. Rager video, an art project from one of his parties and more. 

Kid Cudi’s instagram is private but if you would like to request a follow his username is indicudominate.

Home again.

Barely missed a blizzard. Hello California! I missed you so

Xmas Aleeeee!!!

Lets goo!! Only my Cleveland people know about this.

Toast to another classic

Indicud mode

Go Ted go!

Now thats vintage ho!

Ted and me. Amazed at how awesome we are


The homies Nick Swardson and Dante

Wii U Time Ho!!!

Adventure Time!!!

An old flick of me and V. My lovely lovely :)

Art project from my house party last night.

All my guest tagged the canvas. I call it “ragefest2012″

My Surface To Air jacket

I filmed the Mr Rager short in. 1 of 1. Still got blood all over it. Rockin this today. THE HERO LIVES!

Portrait of a pup named Freshie


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  • LilCudder

    so does cudi smoke again or whaa? theres a pic of a few jars of weed..

  • zach

    picture 10 drunk and looks hella high

  • CudiisOG

    That Magnanimity line was dope because its so true!!!

  • Jaime Leroy Rodelo

    Jakes the dog and cudi the moon man lol

  • jj

    hes gotta be

  • TheManOnTheMoon

    “The World May Never Know”

  • smoke

    its cheaper per unit for the middle price then the quarter price lol!
    the quarter should be 85 or it should be 50 an eighth damn smh


    ted is smoking a blunt and pics of weed may be a hint of smoking again haha

  • basquiat