Complex Names Indicud The #9 Most Anticipated Album of 2013


Kid Cudi is set to release his next rap album in the coming months and it comes with a lot of excitement. just released their list of the 50 most anticipated albums of 2013 and coming in the top 10 on that list is Kid Cudi’s Indicud at #9.

Unlike his previous efforts, his upcoming album is expected to be feature heavy with guest spots from J. Cole, Pusha T, Jaden Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, King Chip, and Cage already confirmed. And with the excellent single “Just What I Am” already out, we’re expecting a return to form for the lonely stoner after a rock hiatus with WZRD.

Check out what else Complex had to say and make sure to check out the full Complex list to see where the fellow G.O.O.D. Music artists landed. 

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  • Matt Najarian

    Lol they have artists listed for the most anticipated albums of 2013 that haven’t even confirmed that they’re even making albums this year hahaha

  • Brooke

    So stoked, albums about to be fire !

  • Miguel de Asombroso

    That my friend is sad.

  • Miguel de Asombroso

    i like how they use the word hiatus.

  • 2.7.5 Fine$t

    Indicud is the only album that I am anticipating this year, therefore, it is number 1.

  • Billy Higgins

    well except for JefreyAtoms 1st studio release set for early this year INDICUD is at the top of my list!

  • sandman

    i doubt it!anyways wiz khalifas “mixtape” most anticipated shit in 2013 hands down

  • Cal

    When is it coming out?????

  • DiamBag

    Indicudi is sure to be
    Super-Cudder-Realistic-Leaner-Ali-Docious !

  • theSANDMAN

    fuck!”teleport 2 me” is sick!have u seen the video?sick…very sick! <3

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