Following up to their latest cover story with Kid Cudi, Complex has released outtakes from the interview as they discuss why he quit smoking weed, the illuminati, MOTM III and even

We’ve highlighted a few quotes form the interview below but make sure to read the full thing on

Cudi on why he quit smoking weed:

I just wanted people to see me as an artist. People kept calling me the “Stoner MC” and this guy who always related back to marijuana. Marijuana was something I did as a hobby. I just didn’t like being categorized as that because it was such a small part of me and doesn’t define who I am. I hated that.

Cudi on his online presence:

Like, “Look at my page and my website, with some cool graphics” [Laughs.] Dear God, no. Just give me a Tumblr and shit and I’ll post something on there…That’s how in control I am. I’m so in control that I don’t put any intention of my online presence so it fails. [Laughs.] It’s like the only source is Kid Cudi Cover Story Interview Outtakes

  • soundtrack2mylife

    Did he quit? Because “Just What I Am” suggests otherwise.

  • DP

    Why he quit previously not now. Read the full story, he’s just explaining the decision from before.

  • CudiScott

    When was europe tour?

  • soundtrack2mylife

    Ah, yeah that would have been beneficial for me. Thanks.

  • myqcholich

    the illuminati thing is funny haha

  • wildin_bk

    I mean how did he not expect ppl to associate him with weed and take it as being just a small part of his life when almost all of his songs were about it. even the songs that weren’t about weed mentioned it at least once.

  • Nick French

    whats goin on DAT NEW???? Ya’ll been awfully quiet the past month. I need more cudi news! Immortal?

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