Complex has ran a really great piece as they look back at the 13 covers they shot in the past year including two that featured Kid Cudi.Both behind the scenes stories for Cudi’s shoot explore the ideas and concepts for the story as well as how it all came together during the shoot. Definitely a worthy read, check out some excerpts below.

The idea of him coming back to life was a thought, and Noah’s idea was from a comic book cover showing Spiderman crawling out of a grave. Cudi was really into it. We wanted to do a whole futuristic-type thing and were thinking about that one part in Star Trek with the space pod. We got JUCO to shoot that in LA. They were really excited and ended up coming up with more ideas. Cudi has this sci-fi thing as part of his whole character, so we had a lot of ideas coming from different places

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 We shot it at the Angel Orensanz synagogue in the Lower East Side, where they shot Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, because it’s a gothic, super crazy-looking space. Nabil wasn’t feeling the grittiness or religious vibe that G.O.O.D. wanted, but he did a variety of photographs and portraits that became a cross through DONDA. We refined it from there. Nabil ended up shooting Kanye and John Legend separately in Paris.”

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