With a fake tracklisting floating around for awhile now and an official release date in hand it’s time we take another look at INDICUD.

Cudi had to publicly shoot down the tracklist, and with that you might be asking yourself who’s going to be on INDICUD? Cudi said himself the fake tracklist is “impressive and well thought out” but none the less, it isn’t real.

We take a look at the confirmed artists all the way down to people he’s been working in the studio with and finally the people he wants to get into the studio with to try and make sense of all of this.

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Kendrick Lamar - Featured on Solo Dolo Part II

Kendrick Lamar easily had one of the biggest rap releases of 2012 with Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Cudi has confirmed multiple times that Kendrick will be featured on the song titled “Solo Dolo Part II″ with production handled by Cudi himself.


Mark Webber first broke the news on a RZA feature being on INDICUD when he reviewed the album on twitter saying he “kills it” while deeming the album an instant classic.

Haim & Hit-Boy

In a new interview with Billboard, Kid Cudi tells them that he was in the studio with indie rock group Haim and that they will appear on a song with himself and Hit-Boy. It’s uncertain if Hot-Boy will rap on this song or simply just produced. Here’s what Cudi had to say about the song:

Yeah, they’re fuckin’ wicked. I love them. They came to the studio with dope energy. I’d work with them any day. They’re so dope. We were able to do a jam with something me and Hit-Boy did. It’s a song that we’ve been trying to make happen for, like, two years now. I had the idea to get the girls on it and we reworked the beat a little bit. That will definitely be on there [Indicud].

Too $hort - Featured on "Pretty Girls"

In his latest cover story with Complex Magazine, Cudi for the first time speaks about the song titled “Pretty Girls”. Mark Webber later confirms that this song is on the album during his review.


Common isn’t likely to be the only G.O.O.D Music member to find himself on Kid Cudi’s next rap effort. Common has appeared on Cudi’s first album MOTM as he narrated the album and rapped on Make Her Say, this time around he’ll take to the mic for a track produced by 88-Keys and Dot Da Genius.

Pusha T - Featured on "Vortex"

G.O.O.D. Music could be a recurring theme on this album if everything falls into place. Pusha T is expected to join Kid Cudi on a track titled “Vortex” after the two exchanged tweets last year. If Pusha T’s hype about the track says anything, it’s going to be a good one, especially with it’s stellar production.

King Chip - Featured on "Just What I Am"

Long time friend and collaborator, King Chip, is already featured on the albums lead single “Just What I Am” after having been featured on both of Cudi’s previous rap albums MOTM AND MOTM 2. Will Chip score a second feature? Possible but if history is a factor this will be his only feature on the album, especially considering the slew of other artists expected on the album.

A$AP Rocky

Kid Cudi first tweeted in September that he wanted to get in the studio with A$AP Rocky and then earlier this year told Complex that he would like to produce for A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q. Now? In a new interview with Billboard he tells them that they have been in the studio together working on music. Will it make INDICUD? We’re not sure just yet but with the album due out in less then two months we will know soon enough.

Kanye West

G.O.O.D Music leader Kanye West is a possible feature on the album after Cudi tweeted a laundry list of features for Indicud in early 2012. No new information has come forward on Kanye’s involvement with the album since and the likely hood is we might not see a Kanye West feature on the album. Time will tell but it’s safe to say we would all love a Yeezy feature on INDICUD.


YES! That’s the collective sound everyone made when they heard that Kid Cudi and Ratatat we’re working together again. Cudi had previously said he would be getting in the studio with Ratatat and his excitement about these new beats can only mean good things. With “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Alive” coming from them working together on MOTM, one can only expect great things for INDICUD.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi go way back so it’s no surprise the two were in the studio once again recently but what were they recording for? It’s most likely that whatever the two were recording won’t appear on INDICUD but we won’t be mad if it spawns another Pursuit of Happiness type remix for an INDICUD song.

Jaden Smith

Kid Cudi’s been supporting Jaden Smith and his music for the past year and there have been reports of the two in the studio countless times . While Jaden appear on INDICUD? According to Cudi’s tweets last year the answer would be yes but as time has passed and the album grows it could go either way.

J. Cole

J. Cole and Kid Cudi have never, as far as the public knows, been in the studio together. That all changed in early October when Cudi tweeted he was heading to the studio to work with Cole. What came out of that studio session is unknown but with both artists expected to release albums in the early portion of 2013 it could end up on either project.