Listen to the Re-Mastered Version of “Ask About Me” Featuring Kid Cudi

5 years ago Chip Tha Ripper, now King Chip, let go one of my favourite OG Kid Cudi songs.“Ask About Me” featuring Cudi was released in 2008 on Chip’s “Can’t Stop Me” mixtape and now Rami has re-mastered the song for everyones listening pleasure. Do yourself a favour and download this new version immediately!  

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  • Pops


  • ONMY88SHiT


  • Jalen Ele Morris

    Oh hellz yeah.

  • Simone

    Yessss so clean!

  • themoldcuddersarethebestcudder

    Sounds like the original if you ask me! Lol

  • Lui

    sounds the same to me too. still dig it. just reminds me that chip the rip is a much cooler rapper name than king chip

  • ZO

    HOLY FUCK. The bass the ad libs everything is so crisp!! Brings me back, Cudi Bring this flow back!!

  • Robi York

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! love it all over again lol

  • Me G

    FRESH AS >>>>>

  • Nick Reale

    how do i download this??

  • themoldcuddersarethebestcudder

    relistened to it on some better headphones and now i can hear the difference, good shit ;)

  • Hillot


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