New Music: Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight (plus lyrics)

Kid Cudi returns with brand new music from his forthcoming EP “KiD CuDi Presents – Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon”. Listen and download the new Cudi song below titled “Satellite Flight”.


Lyrics (as posted on Kid Cudi’s Facebook):

And the story goes, a young man will come and save the universe from the forces of evil…

1st Verse
Take a second to adjust to the ride
They say if this was a crime, it’d be federal
I’ve been feelin’ invincible as im tryna find my way cant nothing hold me though
I say
Get a clue
The vibes all around you
Try but you can’t deny when its in your soul
Lets take it where there arn’t any roads
Where these sucka hatin’ niggaz can’t follow

Take it to the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Come get in my space whip!
To the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Take a ride!

No worries 4x

2nd Verse
Come on don’t be shy
Let your guard down and work it
Do just what you want
Anything you choose
I tell ya, there’s no way we could lose
Have you ever seen the Earth from this view?
I bet not

Take it to the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Come get in my space whip!
To the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Take a ride!

Take a ride! 3x

And now, the vibes


Heavy little thoughts get jumbled in a bundle
And their tucked deep down in the back of my brain

Heavy little thoughts get jumbled in a bundle
And their tucked deep down in the back of my brain

Heavy little thoughts get jumbled in a bundle
And their tucked deep down in the back of my brain
All is life and all is pain
Down the hallway of my endless fate

Hook 2x
Take it to the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Come get in my space whip!
To the satellite, tonight
Take flight to the moon
Take a ride!

Take a ride!
Come on, yea
Come on, dream on

Come on
Come on
Dream on
No worries


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  • Michael Marshall

    cuz everyone complains his music doesn’t sound like his mixtape shit. why u want music to sound like mixtape stuff

  • Andybeazy

    Man, I love Cudi! He has been my favorite artist since Day N’ Nite. After I heard that song I researched everything about him. I’ve followed his music since my sophmore year in highschool. I am a sophmore in college now, and I must say, his production skill is not up to par. I do respect him for learning and I believe he will be good one day. Because he is the man. However, when Dot da Genius produced Cudi’s songs, they were the best. I love this song, and i love cudi for trying to create a new genres and more original songs. But dot da genius produced kid cui music is the reason I am forever hooked on cudi.

  • Jordan

    People that hate on this song are the same people that hated on 808s and Heartbreak and then obsessed over it in the coming months. They are the same people that hated on Indicud after hearing the audio snippets that got released on Amazon before the leak and then loved it when the album released.

    Just stop hating and trust that Kid Cudi will continue to create different/amazing music. Deep down we all know he can sing the best hooks, put down the best flow, and freestyle off the dome. Most talented artist around!

  • AGENT #51

    Remember when he said he was doing a party all the time remix

  • mistercool

    cudi’s vocals in this song sound similar to the michael bolton song from indicud =/

    To all those fans wishing for some new MOTM type songs from cudi I guess we just have to accept the fact that cudi is simply not that guy anymore.

    He’s progressed and finally attained that pursuit of happiness…his struggle and candid emotions are just not there like they were when he had nothing and was really going through it. And thats great for him, but not as great for folks who are still in it and seek more music like his come up days

  • luke

    Shit I forgot about that ha. That’d be sick.

  • Vleiko123

    I DO! I’m also expecting Deep Sleep (Love Connection Pt. 2), Day “N” Nite (Cudi Remix), Groovin’, and like you said Party All the Time (Remix), and possible other songs I didn’t mention

  • Vleiko123

    Guys its a EP for crying out loud shorter than a album, but longer than a Mixtape or whatever plus this EP was meant to GET PEOPLE TURN UP for the REAL DEAL which is MOTM III I call it the Transition from Indicud to MOTM III! GET HYPED #CudLifeIsMine get away from the you know when I heard WZRD and Indicud I said hey I like this new material because he doesn’t use the same stuff he actually experiments for example he has his own Band, and he self-produces his own albums now except for the EP and MOTM because Dot Da Genius, Plain Pat and Emile WILL BE PRODUCING the DOPEST ALBUM the last of the Trilogy of the GREAT MOTM III don’t down yourselves be optimistic y’all!

  • Vleiko123

    That is right even said so himself he like to EXPERIMENT a lot with his music, and that he tries to break away from being labeled as RAP/HIP-HOP Genre because he likes to Intergrate all types of Genres in his music he is his OWN Genre I like to call it the CuDi Genre a little bit of everything, also HE did not make Refovev FOR NO REASON Revolution of Evolution was made because of this exact reason he changes the Refovev of his Music his achievement of Happiness that will soon to come probably in MOTM III!

  • lonely stoner

    you guys are retarded hahahah this song is so dope what is wrong with you guys. TAKE FLIGHT TO THE MOON, NO WORRIES

    This shit takes me off earth

  • lonely stoner

    MOTM3 will be indescribable. i can feel it

  • Zachary Griswold

    why are you on this site. you’re not a cudi fan

  • Zachary Griswold

    That’s your opinion. most people love it. we aren’t “lying” to ourselves

  • guest

    because i´m objective or critical or care, is he the best rhymer? naah, the best singer? nah, the best live performer? nah, BUT all that doesnt matter, because his flow, emotions and the lyrics are great, maybe i hated this song too much, its ok or kinda good right now, but i like the old songs way more and here are my two cents to this song:
    too much mmmhh
    and bad mixed, his voice is so unclear to the beat
    and he´s the third of my fav rappers!!! bitch please, i even listen to his mixtapes, i am a fan…

  • Kid Cudi

    Love cudi but wouldn’t it sound better if it had mr rager singer or the end

  • Tony Tagye

    Oh yea!! He’s grown so much as an artist i know MOTM3 is gonna be life changing lol

  • Luke

    This song sounds so amazing.

  • toodankbro

    Haters always complaining cudi sounds different. He has always sounded different. Look at up up & away to alive to Cudi zone. Even MotM II revofev to erase me. That’s just his style. either you like his music or you dont.

  • magical brownies

    MOTM3 is gonna be dope can’t wait, sooooooooooooooo excited XD

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  • mr rager

    been following since ’08. The one promising thing about MOTM3 is the direction the production is going… needs to get back the old formula. Plain Pat & Emile brought that unique sound that made the mixtape/MOTM/MOTMII shine. Granted he’s an artist an can do what the hell he wants, I think his move to reconnect w/ them is his best chance at having a successful album

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  • Jasmine Chantel’ James

    This song is the shit!
    I can see this as a club banger it just needs more bass! Anyone else wait for the bass to drop after the first few verses?

  • Kimberly Cudi

    This is great too great amayzing!!

  • john

    Thank you! I’ve been saying the same thing for so long. Cudi’s talent is 100% still there, but he needs to get back with Plain Pat and Emile. That was the formula for amazing work.

  • John

    MOTM3 will sound exactly like the weak shit from Indicud and WZRD unless he starts working with Plain Pat and Emile again. Dot Da Genius is weak and King Chip hasn’t provided anything meaningful since his verse on “Hyyerr” when he was Chip Tha Ripper. Also, “leaving GOOD was one of the worst moves he could’ve made for his career. There’s a reason he had a falling out with Kanye, and that’s because Kanye obviously didn’t see eye-to-eye on what Cudi was putting out. I’ve been a Cud fan since day 1 and I only always will be, but I want to hear his music at it’s full potential, not this weak shit that Dot thinks is good.

  • John

    This song is alright, but I feel the same way about the Satellite Flight album. I don’t want to hear 2+ more albums of weak, non-potential-filling Cudi, when we all know what he’s capable of.

  • Cudikeepsmepushingsolid

    Timberlake says, he doesn’t mess with his formula, producers, writers, etc

  • Elliott Armstrong

    I’ve loved and bought all his albums except Indicud…I hope with these next two albums he will have some of the same “vibes” from MOTM, MOTM II and WZRD. Will be a fan of Kid Cudi’s music forever.

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